September means new year, new me… right?

It must be because I’ve been in school for nearly my entire life that September always feels like a special time of year. It feels fresh and new and full of potential. Despite the calendar stating we are 2/3 of the way through the year, it feels like September 1st is a new start. I guess this changes when you leave school (can adultier adults inform me whether this is the case), but right now, I’m so excited for September 1st as a “new year.”


September feels like a new start for me because I’ll be moving to a new home, starting a new job, finishing school, and beginning a new chapter of my life. It’s exciting and scary and I’m really looking forward to this “fresh start.” I also get kind of excited when the fresh air rolls in at this time of year because I love the feeling of breathing in crisp fall air.


I have a bunch of goals for September that I’ll be sharing on the blog tomorrow (the LAST day in August) but I thought today I’d take a look at my 2016 goals and see how I’m doing. I kind of forgot what my goals were so I was happy and relieved to see I was doing pretty well with them. HA.

  1. Read more, screen less. 67% complete-ish. I’m doing alright with this. I find myself really able to escape my computer on weekends and when I travel for the weekend I don’t ever bring it with me, but I’m still pretty attached during the week. Mostly by necessity but I’m sure I can continue to get better at this! I’ve been loving summer evening walks which certainly keeps the screen away. I am 27 books into the year and plan for more reading at night when it gets colder outside!
  2. Camp more. 100% complete. I went camping by myself this summer which is more than I went last year, so I definitely consider that a success. The fact that I actually loaded up the camping gear for a long weekend away makes me feel accomplished with this goal.

IMG_46403. Remember recovery. 89% complete. I have been so much better at reading my body in terms of knowing when I need recovery. I have run exactly two races this year, a half marathon in Vancouver and a 10K in Banff, and it is so freeing not to be held to a running schedule all year. I have also had zero injuries… coincidence? 😉


4. Take better care of my skin. 23% complete. I have been very good about removing my make-up every night, but I’ve failed my skin in terms of nutrition. This summer feels like it’s been a sugar overload for my skin and I know that’s why it’s been terrible lately. I for sure need to focus on this goal.

5. Forge my own trail. Never complete. 😉 I have accomplished a lot this year, not just in terms of logical steps like the aforementioned apartment and job and school, but in terms of knowing what makes me happy and starting to figure out what I want to do in life. I love adventuring and baking and cooking and running and I have found myself doing what I love day in and day out which is certainly a goal that is a never-ending life-long goal.


I can’t believe summer is almost over and that we are less than four months from Christmas, but considering fall is perhaps my favourite season… I’m stoked. I’m not entirely ready for the madness that is pumpkin spice latte season but I could use some crisp fall air, scarves, and coloured leaves in my life. Alberta kind of gets jipped because we only usually have about 2 weeks of fall between summer and winter so I hope it lasts a little longer this year!

Have you reflected on your 2016 goals yet?

Do you find yourself “resetting” after summer?

Tell me about YOUR September goals!


  1. I’m so with you on the new start thing! And I don’t even have school to start (although I work in schools, so that might help?). I always try to buy new clothes, set up a new planner, and try to start new fall habits. Good luck with your new start!

  2. Yes! Fall is when I “fall” (sorry for the pun haha) back into my routine. I love September…it’s my favourite month (and not just because it’s my birthday haha!) I’m so excited for you for the new job and new apartment!! 🙂

  3. I kind of miss the September reset feeling, although in no time, Liam will be starting school so it will come back. I do find fall refreshing though and already this week I’m feeling a little more motivated.

  4. Ugh the sugar overload for me too. I’ve eaten my fair share of crap this summer and I know it’s time to reign it in.
    As for September – I think this is the last year you’ll feel that fresh start in September feeling. I hear other people talking about kids going back to school but it bears no meaning to me.

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