Thinking Out Loud Thursday #74!

This week is going by so fast! I’ve been super busy apartment hunting, reviewing my thesis, working full time, and trying to stay somewhat social and active. I am happy to be Thinking Out Loud with Amanda at Running with Spoons because I can’t remember a time this week where I’ve had a cohesive string of thoughts!


  • I think I have read and reread my thesis 13427 times. Yesterday I spent two hours making sure I used “First Nation” and “First Nations” in the right context for each chapter of my thesis.


  • Thank goodness Canada has such kick ass women, am I right? These ladies are killing it in Rio for us and while I haven’t had a ton of time to stay up to date on the Olympics, I know our team is killing it with some amazing women. Penny Oleksiak is SIXTEEN… when I was 16 I worked part-time in a library and complained about soccer practice twice a week.

  • I’ve been addicted to Pinterest and Kijiji lately (hello, new apartment soon!) and looking at all of the things I have pinned, I have a very distinct taste in home decor. It’s probably called something weird like “rustic chic” but I just think its gorgeous. It’s really sad to have the taste of someone with a luxury penthouse suite but the budget of a recent Edmontonian grad student.


  • I know exactly what I’m putting in my bathroom. HOW CUTE.

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 12.08.42 PM

  • I have tried to get more descriptive with my spin class instructions. When we do hills I try and guide people out to hills as if they were actually cycling outside and approaching a hill. I describe the feeling of tension slowly building on the legs and then as we add more resistance to the bike we stand or sit and grind out the remainder of the hill. I sometimes feel silly but hopefully it makes it more fun. It would be better with virtual road screens to follow.


  • NFL PRESEASON STARTS THIS WEEKEND. I am determined to fly to an NFL game this year with my brother and some bro friends. Mark my words, it will happen.


  • My neighbours asked me if I wanted to join them heading to Jasper for a day of hiking next weekend. I am already super excited so I hope it happens. Jasper is only 3.5 hours away but it’s tough to make that a day trip and even more tough finding accommodation for a night in the Park. I suggested camping but apparently sleeping on the ground after a day of hiking wasn’t what everyone else had in mind.


Enjoy the rest of your Thursday, I’m heading to teach my third and final spin class of the week this evening. I’ve been stuck on a rock n’ roll theme this week so we’ve been cycling to lots of ACDC, Bruce Springsteen, and Trooper. It’s fun!

Do you have a distinct home decor style?

Are you into the Olympics? What is your favourite sport to watch?


  1. HAHA your gifs always make me lol. That spin one is great.

    I’d have to say my personal style is modern/rustic. I like lots of white, minimalism and weathered wood. I’ll help decorate your new place?!

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