Thinking Out Loud Thursday #75!

Bonjour my loves. Happy Thursday! I am heading to Jasper with my mom and family friends tomorrow for the night so I’m doing a lot of errands and running around today. I get to sign the lease on my new apartment, meet up with my new boss downtown, teach spin, and pack for a quick weekend getaway. I also may be having drinks with an Instagram friend, so today is pretty random. Luckily it’s Thinking Out Loud Thursday with Amanda at Running with Spoons.


  • I am in love with this giant canvas. It’s currently sitting in my IKEA online shopping cart just waiting for me to purchase it. I should probably buy more important things like a bed and a couch before this unnecessary item though. UGH. Adulting.


  • I am still addicted to sparkling water. I don’t know why I feel the need to update you on this addiction but I do. The struggle between enjoying a refreshing bubbly water and not wanting to be bloaty from said water is real.


  • My sidekick lately is this handy notebook. I have had it for a while, writing down random things like when someone tells me a certain book to read or documentary to watch or when I want to remember something to look up or to buy, but now it’s my life planner. My IKEA and Urban Barn wishlists, my budgeting, my life.


  • I have exactly five shifts left at my part-time customer service job. I have had to be far more patient and empathetic and kind than I would have liked in my last week in customer service. It seems every city housewife has called me to tell me their life story lately. 😉


  • I’ve been listening to Season 2 of Serial, the podcast, after I caught up with all of The Black Tapes podcast episodes. It is completely unlike the first season of Serial, but equally as addicting. It is a week-by-week (or episode-by-episode) telling of the story of Bowe Bergdahl, a US soldier who walked off his post in Afghanistan and was captured and taken as a hostage for five years in Pakistan. It is horrifying and intriguing and informative all at once.


That’s all for me. Have a fantastic day and check back tomorrow for Fitness Friday, along with our weekly link-up of fitness blog posts!


  1. I liked the second Serial, like you said totally different but also very interesting.
    I’m also obsessed with sparkling water. I find pouring it into a glass helps. Some of the bubbles release and then you’re less bloated.

  2. – love the Ikea wall art. I have a similar one that was purchased from Etsy

    – club soda (just the regular) is my absolute life! Not sure why, but I’ve been addicted for years!

    – I have the mug to that book .. well the mug with the saying (Chapters?)

    Have a fantastic time hiking / camping 🙂 Can’t wait for an update!

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