Thinking Out Loud Thursday #76!

If you haven’t yet, and I highly recommend you do so, go check out Amanda at Running with Spoons. On Tuesday I made her Greek Yogurt Banana Bread and my family had it for dinner (we all came home at different times and ate individually). Everyone approved of it, it’s delicious! Amanda also hosts Thinking Out Loud Thursday every week!


  • On Tuesday it was rainy and miserable all day, which means my shift at the outdoor pool was cut short and I had a few extra hours in the afternoon at home. I baked cookies and banana bread and watched Mean Girls. I’m either 13 or 83 at heart… there is no in between.


  • I called Telus to set up my Internet and TV at my new place this week and while I rarely watch TV, I do like to watch sports. I asked the lady on the phone why sports wasn’t part of the “essentials” package because it was pretty essential and she said that news channels were the essentials and everything else was extra entertainment.


  • After furniture shopping, my bank account will be crying… or collapsing onto itself. I have so many desired trips that I need to budget for, I have made it my mission to see an NFL game live this season.

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 10.08.05 AM

  • Instead of buying a new nightstand to match my new bed, I stained my old nightstand. I did it in my garage and because it was pouring rain I didn’t open the door. I had a headache for a solid three hours. Smart. I realized buying the stain and gloss was probably almost as expensive as a new nightstand but DIY just makes you feel more accomplished.



  • In the fall I’ll be *hopefully* teaching a 90-minute spin class. It’s a class designed for people who like to road cycle in the summer and do a bit of endurance riding so they can keep training throughout the fall and winter. I’m really nervous because 60 minute spin classes are one thing but NINETY minutes… oh lawd. It should be fun though because I find once you warm up and get into it, it’s fun to do different intervals and drills.


Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for Fitness Friday! There will, as always, be a link-up so bring your favourite post or your workout recap from the past week.

Who was your first celebrity crush?

What is one thing you refuse to buy because you DIY?

What trip is up next for you or that you would like to plan?


  1. If you’re not a huge TV watcher, have you looked into purchasing a subscription to the sports networks and streaming online rather than paying so much for cable? Living on my own after college, cable was the first to go since I rarely watched TV. It’s been probably 10 years since I cancelled cable and haven’t looked back. I get by with Netflix or iTunes. I don’t watch sports but I know there’s options there rather than paying for cable.

    And after saying I don’t watch sports. I’m hoping my next trip will be to TO to watch a Jays playoff game.

    Me and DIY don’t usually get along so I will usually buy whatever it is, haha.

  2. The Chainsmokers are actually phenomenal! Love them!

    Also, totally hear ya on the DIY cost but it’s soooo rewarding / self-serving to do it on your own 🙂 I hope you do a tour of your apartment when it’s move-in ready! I think that’d be an awesome/fun post (….or maybe I’m just nosy haha)

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