Thunder, a good book, and no run.

The night before last I stayed up past midnight reading “One Hundred Names” by Cecelia Ahern. You know how you can get stuck on one author and read #allthebooks by them before moving on. Yeah, that’s me with Cecelia Ahern right now. I cried when I finished this book. I don’t know if it’s because I was tired and emotional or if it was a really good ending to the book?


I was then woken up by a huge crack of thunder above my house, and a few seconds later, pouring rain. Usually I don’t get woken up by thunderstorms as I’m a fairly heavy sleeper, but this one was LOUD. It was 5am and I couldn’t get back to sleep. I had to get up for work at 6am so I felt like I was already ready to go back to bed as I got ready for work. I literally drank a huge cup of coffee while I curled my hair.


The rest of the day was kind of a blur. The grey skies, sporadic rain, and general blah-ness of the day left me weirdly tired and drained. I also spent many hours after work looking at apartments and driving around downtown Edmonton getting the feel for various streets and neighbourhoods. It probably wasn’t a great idea to look at places while so exhausted because I just ended up getting frustrated with my high standards of living and low budget for apartment rent. HAHA.


It was pouring rain at 5am so I didn’t the the balls to run super early. I drove around Edmonton for about 3 hours after work, came home and ate dinner, and could feel my eyes stinging from tiredness so I talked myself out of my run. I think a run was probably the best thing I could have done for myself but my less than 5 hours of sleep and general self pity caused me to convince myself I didn’t need to.


I get to sub a morning spin class this morning and you can BET I am excited about it! I actually teach three classes this week… bring on quad muscles like Beyonce baby!

Do you take a scheduled rest day or just go with how your feel?

Is your a weekend rest day or weekday rest day?

Where you live -> has it been a good-weather summer?


  1. I usually push through when I’m feeling tired but this week I’ve caved and opted for more sleep instead of runs or double workout days… I have been really hungry too so I think it was needed! It’s tough to run and workout by feel and how my body is that day, when following a marathon training plan, but generally I try and do that!

  2. I decide what my workout is depending on how I feel that day. Today for instance, my legs are feeling a little tired from last night’s run (and I’m feeling groggy) so I’m going to do some upper body strength and maybe take a hot yoga class.

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