Feel good after-work run.

Yesterday was my first day at my big girl job – hurrah! I did my hair all curled and fancy and shit and then walked 30 minutes to work in the fog and humidity only to arrive with straight grossly hair-sprayed hair that wasn’t quite perfectly straight but definitely didn’t have a cute wavy look. Making classy first impressions is my life. Luckily I get my photo ID today so I can rebound from the first day disaster. It was a really good day and my manager left plenty of reading for me to do while she was on vacation this week. I sent my dad the first email from my fancy government email account with my fabulous “Aboriginal Health Policy Analyst” title.

I know that one thing that will be a struggle for me is getting active on my hour lunch break. I ate my delicious penne and goat cheese and zucchini lunch at my desk before wandering down to the lobby and treating myself to an almond milk mocha and taking a 15-minute walk around downtown. It was sunny and beautiful and it felt good to stretch my legs but in the winter it’s going to be tough to get fresh air at lunch. I like that the government is very focused on employee wellness and really encourage breaks, fresh air, and general wellbeing. After I got home from work I changed and laced up for a feel-good 5 mile run.


Running after work felt really good. I hit almost 20,000 steps yesterday walking to and from work and with the 5 mile run and while I spent a fair amount of time sitting at a desk, it is good to know I can still get steps and activity in! Oh and yeah, THAT’S MY NEW RUNNING VIEW. I was running along the fancy house streets (oh gawd, I literally don’t even know what to call fancy streets… #peasantlife) and then quickly turned around to check for cars before crossing the street when I saw a bench facing the view you see above. It was clearly a gorgeous day after the fog burned away and just the right fall temperature and crispy air to keep my from boiling on the run!


The one thing about running in the city – street lights. UGH. I’m very much used to my parents house where my running routes were out to door and onto country roads with very few cars and zero traffic lights. It’s nice when I need a break or at least want to justify a break but most often it’s just annoying. Luckily I’m fairly close to trails and can escape traffic lights after a mile or so!

I am currently reading the 8th Harry Potter (the play) and I stayed up way too late reading it last night but couldn’t keep my eyes open to finish it. I was super excited to get into bed last night and finish the book. Nerd alert. I guess that’s okay because I’m a policy analyst now and we can say nerdy things. 😉

What was your FIRST job? What about first big person job?

If you could do it all over again (like, from age 18), would you change career paths?

Do you run after work or squeeze it in before?


  1. Yay for first day!!

    My first job ever was doing carry out at a grocery store. I guess my first big girl job was a teller at the bank I currently work at. If I could do things over again, I absolutely would. I would pursue different things in college and work towards a degree instead of diploma and not settle for a job. Insert sad sigh about my current job position here.

    I will run on my lunch break or after work if I don’t have Liam.

  2. Congrats on the first day, that’s so exciting! I am impressed you got a job so quickly out of school. The views on your run look lovely! I usually do hard workouts in the morning and save my easy runs post-work. It’s a nice way to get outside and decompress.

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