Fitness Friday: Figuring this ish out.

Good morning! I am just wiped after a two day work week. HA. Actually I had school yesterday and today so I really did have something on my plate each day but I feel like such a sissy when I say I started a big girl job but only worked 2 days this week. Anyway, yesterday my research supervisor came into my office and told me I looked a little tired. Ummm… well in the span of 8 days I moved, bought an entire apartment’s worth of furniture, started a new job, and defended my MSc. I’m surprised I’m not dead let alone “a little tired.” Anyway, TGIF.

Fitness Friday Canadian Girl Runs

I had a decent week of workouts, but it’s weird not being super close to a familiar gym. I’m working with what I have near me until my new neighbourhood gym opens, which is mostly pavement and running shoes, but I’m still getting active each day. I did legs on Wednesday and absolutely killed it because there were lots of hot guys in the gym and yesterday I had to use to handicap bathroom exclusively for the assistance bar to sit down. Ouch.

Friday, September 2

3.37 mile run

10 minutes planks and abs

Saturday, September 3

90 minutes walking to and from the gym

60 minutes upper body strength training

Sunday, September 4

7.0 mile run

Monday, September 5

~2-3 hours of walking around downtown Edmonton


Tuesday, September 6

Walk (6.0km) to and from work

5.0 mile run (8:58 min/mile)

Wednesday, September 7

Walk (6.0km) to and from work

70 minutes legs strength training

Thursday, September 8

 Walk (9.2km) to and from school



I wore running clothes to school yesterday in hopes that that would make me go for a run after school… NOPE. My legs were so sore from the leg day on Wednesday and after almost 10km of walking I decided not to. At least people in my school office probably THOUGHT I was going running. HA.

In regards to my September goals, I have hit at least 12,000 steps each day this month so far! Some days I am around 20,000 and other days I pace around my bed at 10pm so make sure I hit my goal before I go to sleep. I am also at about 32km of running out of 100km with 22 days left to go! A friend challenged me to a “Weekend Warrior” FitBit challenge so it looks like I’ll be walking 637 miles this weekend. 😉

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  1. It will be quite dangerous if you run while your legs is not OK. Maybe it is not really serious, but if the sore can not disappear after few days, you should visit your doctor.

  2. You should try bathing your feet with warm water and salt. It helps ease the pain and have a peaceful sleep. I do it almost everyday and it is really comfortable. Have a good day!

  3. Getting started at a new job is definitely exhausting! And defending your thesis… oh man, that was such a stressful experience in my masters! I have relied on those handicap bars more than once in the bathroom… Hahaha.

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