Girl, do you even run?

Insert the ‘bye felicia’ emoji here. I have been thinking a lot lately about my lack of chat about running here! The short answer is yes, I am still running about 3-4 times a week, usually between 3 and 8 miles. I thought I would chat a bit about running lately, my upcoming running goals, and where I want my running to take me. I will use gifs of Sam Hunt because…


I don’t actually need to explain why right?

My last race was a 10km in Banff… in June. That’s three months ago! This year I have participated in a whopping total of two races. After the past couple years of filling my schedule with races, I needed to take a summer off and focus on filling my activity schedule with whatever I wanted, from swimming and cycling to lifting weights and running. I didn’t have to constantly explain to people that I was on a training program and felt the compulsive need to run down my block 7 times to make it exactly 10 miles ‘for the plan.’


I feel ready to train this winter and register for at least three races next summer, and potentially my fourth marathon in the fall. I don’t do well with spring races, as I tend to take a bit of a transition time from treadmill winter running to pavement summer running and skipping that transition time has resulted in injury for me. I am going to focus on late summer and fall races, taking the next year to work back into marathon shape. When I don’t have a constant race schedule to keep me accountable… things tend to, uh, slide.


Another thing is that I had been able to train with others or at least around others last summer. I went with a friend to Chicago, I trained for Calgary with my family, and it seemed I had a lot of surrounding support. I think this next year will be the same as I find new friends and old friends doing similar races.


I know one person who is intending to do the Calgary Half Ironman, which is on my potential list, and I know a few people doing half marathons in the late summer so I’m excited to jump back in. I really want to do the Seawheeze, the Edmonton half, and one in September. Sign up with me!


It felt good to explore my fitness in other ways this year. I always have that guilty conscience when I’m not running and racing that I’m not doing enough to warrant a running blog or I’m not fitting into this specific “runner” profile but one of my favourite things to do is challenge myself, so I sometimes have to put running on the back burner to do that. I have tried some weight lifting, cycling, hiking… things that put stress on your body that can be compounded with running. I loved all of these things but I’m ready to fall in love with running again. I’m almost done my 100km September running challenge which helped me stay consistent this month.

So, yeah, I’m still running. Racing? No, not right now, but I have a few races on my list for next year and I’m excited to jump back into more specified training this winter. I had the ability and flexibility to be outside, hiking and exploring this summer, and I took full advantage of it. This winter is suppose to be miserable and what better way to stay inside than to be inside bettering yourself. I think the treadmill and gym will be my BFFs!

What upcoming races are on your radar?

Have you done an ironman or half ironman? Tell me your secrets!

Do you run inside in the winter? Track or treadmill?


  1. Oh yes the dreaded Edmonton winters… I used to live there (20+ years) and had some very cold, snowy, uncomfortable runs. I really dislike the treadmill so I’d run outside unless the temperature or windchill was colder than -20. Moved to Vancouver about 2 years and its been amazing to run and bike with warmer temps/green grass all year. So move here if you ever want that change! Although I’ve definitely become a bit of a baby when I go back to visit in the fall/winter months..

  2. I’m a fall marathon girl myself, as I also hate training in the winter/spring even though the weather here is mild. Wet long runs are just as bad as snowy ones!

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