Labour Day… anything but labour.

Yesterday was a pretty great day. I moderately slept in, then spent the morning lounging and doing school work in my pajamas (my last day to do so, so I took advantage). I drank coffee and worked on an upcoming school presentation until around noon. I made lunch and then my dad texted me to tell me he was coming to drop something off and to go check out the Tour of Alberta as the final stage was happening in downtown Edmonton. Let’s face it. It had been almost 15 hours since I left my parents house after Sunday dinner… he missed me.



A WIND TRAINER! I actually have enough room to set up my baby in my apartment so I can ride my bike this winter. Actually now that there are leaves falling and a slight chill in the air it’s hard to imagine I’ll get out for any more cycling outdoors so I’ll probably get it set up ASAP. My dad used this to train for a week-long tour ten years ago and on and off since then so he asked if I would use it and I quickly replied, “YES!” Especially without a gym right now, I’m so lost with fitness and can’t wait to set this up!

There are currently more bikes (2) than people (1) in my apartment.


My dad and I spent almost four hours wandering along the Tour of Alberta 11km loop downtown. It was incredibly cool to see the hundred+ riders complete this stage of the Tour. I watched a tiny bit of the Tour de France this summer and it’s hard to tell watching TV how fast it really is but these guys fly. They don’t have an ounce of fat on them and they are working at 189% effort for hours. It’s crazy.

We were going to watch a couple of loops and then head back to my place but we just kept walking along the route and finding different places to catch them and it was really fun! We got back and I made sure my computer and sites were set up for the evening’s fantasy football draft. I placed 9th out of 10 teams last year in my league so hopefully things can just get better this year.


That was also a sneak peak of my apartment. I am so proud of my successful Pinterest crafting. I spray painted 650ml beer bottles (and yeah, I drank the beer… someone had to) with matte grey spray paint, then wrapped a burlap and lace ribbon around them and held it with a glue gun. I then bought fake wheat-looking plants to put in them and placed them on my dining table. THEY LOOK SO GOOD.


I have become so used to wearing little to no make up all summer (maybe some light foundation and mascara most days) that I don’t know if I am ready to actually do my hair and make-up for work and school this week. I have super sensitive eyes or an allergy to some sort of ingredient in eye make-up and a few products have recently made my eyes swell up so bad that I got in the habit of just using mascara and nothing else. Summer is wonderful for that… freckles and clearer skin and light tan and less make-up.


Although I’m not going to lie… I’m pretty excited to pull out scarves and boots. I hope you had a wonderful Labour Day, and that you didn’t actually have to do any labour. I hope it was full of football and fresh air and family like mine was!

What did you do with your day off?

What is your favourite thing about the changing seasons?

Do you typically do your make-up for work or just special occasions?


  1. My eyes are the worst! I have a lot of sensitivity to the chemicals in eye makeups and so I don’t wear it too often. I’m more likely to go for some light foundation, blush and shimmer if I’m doing something quick. I try not to wear mascara too often because it bothers me the more I wear it.

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