Thinking Out Loud Thursday #77!

Good morning and happy moving day! My dad took the day off work (yeah, I know, he’s the best) to help me move today and he told me that he wanted to eat breakfast then get going bright and early. I said, “Soooo, like 9am?” Apparently not. It’s going to be a busy day so let’s get a little Thinking Out Loud Thursday going with Amanda at Running with Spoons.


  • Yesterday my brother and I spent almost 3 hours in IKEA. I had done all of my browsing online so I was on a mission in terms of buying everything for my new place but somehow I can get easily distracted in IKEA. 30 minutes of actual shopping plus 2.5 hours of pretending I live in IKEA in the showrooms. HAHA. We deserved $1 frozen yogurt cones when we were done.


  • I’ve also now become the type of person that spends 3 days researching the perfect throw pillow. It’s a serious issue. I love this pillow FYI.


  • THIS article, “21 Things you know if you only know how to do one makeup look,” is 100% me. I do one look and one look only. When someone compliments me on my make-up, I’m genuinely like, “Really?


  • THIS, “18 Times Chris Hemsworth was actual dad goals,” is all you need today. I promise it will improve your day by 14% at least. *ovaries exploding*


  • I just bought THESE socks from Roots yesterday so I’m basically already preparing for winter hibernation now that it’s September. ALL THE SOCKS AND SCARVES.


  • If you haven’t already, check out Jo (Living Mint Green) on Instagram. She just posted the cutest photo of us sitting back to back on a rock… like all cool kids do. No seriously all cool kids in like the 3rd grade did this.


  • Alright I need to go apply for about 3 part-time jobs to pay for the IKEA furniture I bought yesterday… see you tomorrow for Fitness Friday!


What is your favourite fall accessory?

Who is your latest celebrity crush?


  1. I definitely only have one makeup look as well. I never learned how to do makeup and so if I try to do anything else it usually ends up a mess and I take it all off and do my usual look anyways hahaha.

    I am sad that summer kind of sucked BUT I love fall and I’m excited for boots, hats, scarves and cardigans!!

  2. Happy Moving Day!! How exciting!! I hope you share photos of your new space soon! Don’t worry, I think everyone spends tons of money when they move into a new space – even old people like me, who have lived in multiple homes and thinks she has everything – still ends up spending money on new stuff every time. And it’s amazing just how much you need to furnish and equip a new apartment! (Cleaning supplies, cooking stuff, towels, linens, etc!). Have a great weekend getting settled in!

  3. Thank you for the Insta-love! 🙂

    THOSE SOCKS. I NEED. I love everything in Roots but it’s too expensive for me to buy for myself. Christmas though…. I’m adding those to my list. Ha

    HAPPY MOVING DAY! I can’t wait to come check out your new place. Yes, I just invited myself over. I’ll bring beer + apple fritters!

  4. Happy Moving Day!!!!!!! Wishing you all the best in your new place!! Also, I legit spent over 1000 dollars when I moved into my house last year. It was really fun but my bank account was not happy haha!

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