Thinking Out Loud Thursday #79!

Funny story, I always write the title of these posts and try my hardest to remember what number I’m on before I actually have to manually check. I’ve only been wrong one which is shocking because my memory after a week is mediocre at best. Let’s dive into another edition of Thinking Out Loud Thursday with Amanda at Running with Spoons.


  • If this post is completely incomprehensible (<- is that even a word?), it’s because I’m writing it after teaching my first 90 minute spin class. 90 minutes is a long time… but somehow the last 45 minutes went by faster than the first 45 minutes. I looked at the clock halfway through and thought, “OH MY, I still have another 45 minutes to teach?!” but then it actually flew by!


  • If you ARE looking at taking a 90 minute cycling class… be warned, you have to WANT it. I get a lot of spin participants who are there for a good sweat and each hard drill is all about “getting through it.” It’s why I have fun music and change drills every song to keep everyone entertained but the longer class is really about getting stronger and faster and becoming a more efficient cyclist. It’s about embracing the pain and burn and hard work and using it to your advantage. Cycling shorts (the diaper looking padded ones) required.



  • I mentioned this song in my Tuesday Tunes post, but check out this remix. It’s amazing and makes the song a bit more drawn out. I love it.

  • I did something this spin class that I’ve never done before. It’s a small class so it was more feasible, but I went around the class and asked everyone what their expectations were of the class. I wanted to know if people just really liked spin class and wanted a longer one or if they were training for a distance cycling event or if they were a road cyclist just looking for a mid-week endurance ride. I am really glad I did because it helped me to gauge how I should run the class and what type of group I was teaching. They are a really advanced crew so it’s nice to know I don’t have to wade into the water, we can dive right in and get swimming. Well… spinning.


  • If you’re reading this Thursday morning, I’m currently on my way to Jasper. I’m heading there in a 15-passenger van with 12 other people and all of our luggage. If I don’t get car sick in the 9 hours of driving it’ll be a miracle. I’m really excited for the “field trip” as it’s part of my job orientation. It’s been an incredible week of orientation in which 10 other interns and myself have been doing lots of team building and introductory courses for our jobs. We’re all in different areas of work but they’re encouraging us to be a cohort and get to know each other and support each other. I’ve only known these people for three days but they are all so amazing and intelligent and down to earth. We’re going to have a blast in the bush in the middle of nowhere near Jasper… right?


  • I considered driving myself to Jasper and staying an extra night to go hiking this weekend but I did want to get that bonding time in the van and I knew the more responsible thing to do was to focus on my final thesis revisions post-defense. My weekend is going to be full of fun things like grocery shopping, school work, and laundry.


  • One thing I’ve noticed since moving out of my parents house is that I wake up in the night. Usually I pee and then go back to sleep but it’s weird I NEVER did that when I lived with my parents, but now that I’m flying solo, I get up at least once a night. I think it’s because I sleep a bit lighter when I know that there is no police officer in the next room to protect me from murderers who happen to break into my apartment. I like how when I hear a noise or something I pull the covers over me more… like a duvet is really my best defence against someone breaking in. Good call Kris. I think I’ll try to start taking melatonin to regulate my sleep a bit better.


I will have a post up tomorrow for Fitness Friday, so don’t forget to stop by and say hey and tell me about your week of workouts. I won’t be able to check your links out until I get home from Jasper but I look forward to it!

What are you up to this weekend?

Do you ever hike in the fall/winter or do you transition to snowshoes and skiing?


  1. I totally want to go snowshoeing more this winter. I need to invest in my own pair. How fair is it that Liam has his own but not me?!

    Also, I sleep with a baseball bat (it’s pink haha) beside my bed. I was always a little nervous being a single girl living alone, so even though in the heat of the moment, I’ll likely FORGET to reach for the bat, it gives me piece of mind.

  2. YOU’RE IN THE CITY NOW!!… err… sorry 😛 I’m just catching up on comments from old posts though, and… you’re here! Except that you’re not by the time I’m reading this 😆 I’d be a little more jealous of your road trip, but after spending 11 hours in a car last weekend, I’m not quite ready to revisit that just yet. I hope you have a blast though!

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