Weekend Recap: Indoors with coffee.

Good morning! It actually feels like a long time since I’ve blogged because I had to set up my Thursday and Friday posts on Wednesday night before I left for Jasper. I actually didn’t have any cell reception for most of my time there because we were staying about 10 minutes east of Jasper at the Palisades Stewardship Education Centre. I was perfectly happy with that. I love moments of escape from technology and I think it really benefitted our team building retreat.



Speaking of the retreat, it was amazing. There were ten of us, plus our two managers/facilitators and we did so many team building exercises and trust building activities. It was so much fun and it’s crazy how we went from strangers on Monday to BFFs on Friday. It wasn’t even the formal team building that created such close friendships, it was driving together for 8 hours and a big bonfire on Thursday night with games and ghost stories and staying up late and talking in our bunk house. SO. MUCH. FUN.

The rest of my weekend was moderately boring compared to Jasper, but it was necessary responsibility that kept me indoors and focused on my computer. After my defense for my MSc, my committee recommended a few minor changes to my thesis before publication, so that’s exactly what I did.


That sandwich you see is quite possibly the best sandwich I’ve ever made. Egg whites with melted havarti cheese, avocado, olive tapenade hummus, yellow mustard, on toasted whole grain bread. I also munched on carrot sticks and green peppers (don’t worry mom, I’m eating my vegetables). I slept in both Saturday and Sunday and worked all morning on my thesis revisions. By mid-afternoon both days I was desperate for fresh air and to get moving so I went for a run.


It was the perfect crisp fall run on both days, though Sunday was extremely windy. Running through yellow and orange trees, scattered leaves, and the fresh air that lets you know the nights are getting colder… ah, perfection. I also went for a walk on Sunday afternoon for another break from my computer and just happened to bring some money to stop at Second Cup. I couldn’t say no to the fresh ginger cookies. Paired with an almond milk latte.


I am very excited for my first formal week at work (ah, the naivety of a recent grad student) and I’m really glad that I have colleagues and friends now that I can talk to, meet for lunch, and hang out with. We all talked about how hard it is to make friends as an adult and we were so privileged to get the opportunity to bond on a retreat in Jasper. Last night I finished off the weekend by meeting one of my new friends at the bar to watch the North America young guns team play in the World Cup. It was super fun!

I hope you had a more exciting weekend or at least one that was just as productive!

What did you get up to this weekend?

Does it look like fall in your neck of the woods?

Are you a pumpkin spice lover?


  1. I love love love fall and the beautiful colours. I had a wedding this weekend and it was outdoors and I think I said about 8 billion times just how beautiful it was. And yes, I do love me some pumpkin spice lattes!

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