A Day in the Life of an Effortless 12,000 Steps.

On Monday I mentioned here I did legs at the gym. That means that yesterday I thought my hamstrings were going to snap at any moment and I had difficulty in any situation that required sitting, standing, a transition between the two, walking, or really any movement in general. I had a busy day on my hands which meant that when I got home close to 9pm and hadn’t done any workout, I was more than happy to let me legs rest and take the day off BUT I did manage to get my 12,000 steps without going for an extra walk or run. This is a day in the life of an effortless 12,000 steps.


I tend to get a few hundred steps when I get ready in the morning and am running back and forth across my apartment, forgetting this or that on my way out the door. I won’t really go into detail with my 173 bathroom breaks at work after I drink a ton of water all day, so here are where I majorly got my steps in!

7:30am – Walk to work (about 3km) = 2936 steps


I get to work around 8:05am and technically start at 8:15am. I caught up on some emails and then began preparing for my morning meeting. I was going as the rep from our ministry in the place of my supervisor who was away and I was a tad nervous. I tried to prepare as much as I could so I could respond if needed.

9:40am – Walk to and from a meeting downtown = 3206 steps.

The morning meeting was at another ministry building about 8 blocks away so I bundled up (yeah, it was a -7 windchill all morning) and walked over to the meeting. It is a nice way to get fresh air throughout your day when you have to leave the office and walk somewhere! I had another meeting in the afternoon, just in a different floor meeting room so it wasn’t quite the same journey.

1:30pm – Meeting in the building = 780 steps. 


By the time 4:30pm rolled around I was ready to bundle back up and hit the streets home. Somehow my walk home is always more steps than my walk to work. I don’t understand… at all. I take relatively the same route home but yet it’s a different distance. I’m very confused.

4:30pm -Walk home from work (about 3km) = 3415 steps

I got home and quickly changed and redid my hair before heading out to meet my academic supervisor and my research team for dinner. We don’t all really get together ever so it was nice to go for dinner with these girls and catch up on all things research. We treated it as a celebratory dinner that I finished my Masters so it was relaxing for me knowing I was officially out of the academic world! I walked to and from the restaurant, which was just over 1.2km away from my house.

6:00pm – Walk to and from dinner = 2103 steps


That brings us a total of 12,440 steps in a day of walking, without an actual workout. It was one of those days that was filled with little bursts of activity that exhaust you, and tons of fresh air to tire you out, but you never set foot in the gym. 🙂 I also enjoyed the fact that my walking wasn’t all done in one go, it was spread out and made me feel like I wasn’t at a desk the entire day!


Do you have a step goal every day?

Do you take a rest day on a certain day of the week or whenever you need it?

Where was the last place you ate dinner out?