Fitness Friday: Thanksgiving Long Weekend.

Already Friday! YAY! Yesterday I partook in my first run on my lunch break. I get super duper sweaty when I run so the thought of going back to work for half a day after running, without a shower, was unfathomable. Luckily it is freezing cold here in Alberta now so I knew I was going to sweat a little less. I headed out yesterday at lunch for a quick run and it was actually really nice. It got my blood pumping, I felt productive and active on my lunch break, and it wasn’t a disaster going back to work after! I brought dry shampoo and cleansing wipes and besides a little drying sweat in my hair, it was perfect! I can’t say this will continue because we’re suppose to get at least 10cm of snow today but it is nice to know it’s an option if I’m short on time like I was yesterday!

Fitness Friday Canadian Girl Runs

Friday, October 7

45 minutes back and biceps strength training

20 minute stair workout

Saturday, October 8

6.0 mile run (8:36 min/mile)

Sunday, October 9

60 minutes road cycling (trainer)

Monday, October 10

60 minutes legs strength training

90 minute walk

Tuesday, October 11

60 minutes walking to and from work


Wednesday, October 12

60 minutes walking to and from work

90 minute spin class (instructing)

Thursday, October 12

60 minutes walking to and from work

3.3 mile run (9:23 min/mile) MY FIRST RUNCH!

That Monday strength workout left me sore for three days. I guess I just hadn’t done such an intense leg workout in a while, but 60 minutes of squats, lunges, glute bridges, and all the burning torturous leg exercises that I love left me S-O-R-E.


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