Halloween Hiking: Coliseum Mountain Recap!

Happy Halloween!! Does anyone else feel like Halloween has already happened just based on the weekend of Halloween parties? I kind of forgot that the actually 31st of October hadn’t actually happened. I had a really good weekend. Saturday was just what I needed to refresh my soul. I’m been stuck in the concrete jungle of the for far too long and not unlike a drug addict, I needed my fix of mountains. Luckily, I had an amazing friend who is willing to drive three hours to meet me for a hike in the middle of nowhere… the lovely Jo at Living Mint Green.


We met at our mountain halfway point, Nordegg, to tackle Coliseum Mountain. It’s a moderate climb that starts in the northern suburb of Nordegg, and wraps around and up Coliseum Mountain. It’s a super easy technical hike, with switchbacks up through the forest, then an easy walk along a wide ridge to get to the peak. And by peak, I mean a huge plains area on top of the mountain that resembles Iceland. It’s actually a neat hike in that you do all of the hard work then reach a nice meandering path across the ridge to get to the summit.


Oh my wings? You noticed that? Yup, we’re awesome and decided to make it a Halloween hike and dress in costumes. I was an angel and Jo was a devil, and I did in fact wear those wings and halo for the entire four hour, 13km, 2300ft elevation gain hike. We saw two other groups on the mountain and both were shocked and delighted to see people getting into the Halloween spirit.


If you haven’t met Jo yet… DO IT. She even brought us Halloween candy to eat on top of the mountain and like a true friend she brought only the good ones including Reese peanut butter cups, Coffee Crisp, and MINI EGGS. Apparently mini eggs are not just an easter thing anymore because they now make Halloween ones. Considering mini eggs are my weakness, I will happily indulge in the holidays for those.


The wind picked up a bit while we were on the top and so we bundled up and headed back down the mountain. It took us about 2 hours to ascend, we spent a bit of time at the top, then just over 90 minutes to descend, for a total of about 4 hours. We certainly weren’t hustling but we are also naturally pretty fast hikers. Plus I was wearing wings so I practically flew up. *smirk emoji*

Jo and I always have the best #lifechats. I felt like my brain was swirling at the end of the week on Friday and as I drove out to the mountains and breathed the fresh air it was like all of the thoughts in my head lined themselves up and made everything clear. Problems that I thought were huge just faded away, stress I thought I had was actually just me attaching my stress to things that weren’t really in my control, and my uncertain feelings about relationships and people began to have so much clarity. I attribute this feeling of lightness and release partly to the mountains but partly to the two-devil-horn-clad ears bouncing along the trail beside me and listening to me ramble for hours. I drove home feeling refreshed.


Driving to Nordegg I spent over 2 and a half of the three hours not being able to see a kilometre in front of me as the prairies were thick with fog. It has been socked in with fog in Edmonton for a week so when I drove into blue skies and sunshine as I headed into Nordegg I could have cried with happiness. It’s amazing how tired I was last week with the fog and very “blah” weather, but when I’m in sunshine I can’t wipe the smile off my face!


After the hike I drove straight home to Edmonton. I headed out to a Halloween party and spent the night with some fantastic people. I also made pumpkin pie dip for the party… OH MY GAWD. On Sunday I met up with my friend Shawn for a trail run walk at Chickakoo Lake Recreation area (who agrees to a trail RUN the morning after a halloween party??). It was so peaceful out there and once again I dove into some #lifechats with him. Overall, it was a wonderful weekend with incredible friends, good food, great beer, and a refreshing mountain escape.

What did you do this weekend?

What did you/are you dressing up as for Halloween?

Favourite Halloween candy?


  1. You ladies had such a fun weekend. I am in need of a trip to the mountains, maybe even a day with Jo because I’m feeling so blah about life right now, I really need to get myself straightened out.

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