Thanksgiving Weekend Recap: Farm life.

What’s up! This weekend felt like it went by so fast, but at the same time, I did a lot and had a lot of fun and there are many memories from this weekend, so it feels longer than three days… is that weird? I had an absolutely fantastic Thanksgiving weekend and I was reminded each second how lucky I am for my family and friends and just the amazing people I have in my life who surround me with laughter and happiness and fun. This weekend had just the right amount of relaxation that a long weekend needs.


After work on Friday I came home and made a quick dinner before meeting my brother at the gym for a strength workout. I went to my old gym, about a 20-minute drive away, because I had the time and my brother was willing to lift with me so I couldn’t say no! We did a back and biceps strength session where he killed me, then we ran stairs, where I killed him.



I don’t remember what I did Saturday morning, except for sleep in. I read in my cozy bed while I watched the snow fall outside my window. SNOW. The ground was covered in a couple inches of snow and it continued to fall throughout the weekend. I had a lazy morning before heading to the gym for a 6 mile run and some foam rolling and stretching. I met my parents for a late lunch/early dinner before heading out for a date later on. It was nice to have a snow day where I didn’t really have anywhere to be and could enjoy the first snowfall!


On Sunday, I woke up and road my bike on the trainer for an hour while watching Central Intelligence. It was really stupid and I didn’t totally love it, but it has Kevin Hart and the Rock sooo…


Once I finished working out and eating breakfast I packed up and headed to my parents house. My parents live in a very close-knit neighbourhood and one of the families on their street has parents who own and run a pig farm an hour outside of the city. They invited everyone to go there for a night and have Thanksgiving dinner there, so 25+ people packed up and headed to the farm!


It was SUCH a fun weekend! I got to ride I horse, albeit briefly and not out on a trail or anything, and shoot guns, and we spent the rest of the time around the fire laughing, drinking, and eating. I was always a little bit scared of horses because they look so intimidating and powerful but these horses were so sweet and gentle. I really want to go back and go riding for real some time to try it! I loved spending the entire day outside and I think everyone really enjoyed the time away from the city and just being at peace out on the farm. We all headed inside near 5:30 to watch the Blue Jays game and start making dinner. This post could alternatively been called, “The weekend the vegetarian went to a pig farm.” Instead of turkey, everyone had a pork dinner, and I had lots of pumpkin pie. 😉 After dinner was cleaned up, we headed out to the fire again. It was a perfect evening, with no wind, not too cold with the fire, and lots of laughs.





My family and I actually slept down the road a bit at one of their relatives’ houses and I slept like a log. It was pitch black being out in a rural area, it was silent, and I was full of pumpkin pie and fresh air. Apparently at this property they often wake up to find two or three moose sleeping on or wandering around the yard. Unfortunately we weren’t that lucky and didn’t get to see the moose but it was a great stay nonetheless!



On Monday, after breakfast, we packed up and headed back home. On my way home from my parents, I stopped at my old gym and did a leg workout. 60 minutes of legs and I was DONE. I love leg days so much because it totally feels like cardio and I was sweating hard! I headed home after to shower and then did some errands before meeting my friend. We grabbed some chai tea lattes and headed out for a walk to catch up on our weekends. We wandered around for over an hour and a half before our tea got cold, our toes froze, and it was getting dark!

I’m filled with such positive energy and happiness after this weekend. It was a fantastic little getaway with friends and family and lots of time spent soul-chatting with friends. As much as I didn’t want to set my alarm for this morning, I was also ready to go back to work after the relaxing weekend.

How was your weekend (or Thanksgiving weekend if you’re Canadian)?

Has it snowed yet where you live?

What is the last movie you watched?


  1. A DATE????!!!!

    Text me right now.

    Oh my, you look adorable shooting a gun and riding a horse. What a wonderful Thanksgiving. Invite me to that next year please. Why hasn’t your family adopted me yet?

    1. Hahaha, I knew it would be both you and my mom that would see that and immediately want to talk to me. 😉 Haha, you’re invited!

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