Thinking Out Loud Thursday #82!

Good day beautiful people! It’s already Thursday, it’s cold, my bones are ice cubes, but the week is flying and I’m excited to do some Thinking Out Loud Thursday with Amanda at Running with Spoons!


  • I thought I was tougher than this. As I mentioned yesterday, it is officially cold here now and I’m been frozen solid for three days straight. I honestly don’t think I’ve warmed up since Monday. I ordered an EXTRA LARGE tea from Tim Hortons yesterday to try and warm me up from the inside but I was still cold. How will I survive this winter?


  • I’ll spend all winter looking back on my photos of fall. The graveyard beside my apartment building looks kind of eerily pretty with all of the leaves on it. Every morning it’s covered in a layer of fog or frost and it’s quite beautiful… scary, but beautiful.


  • I am absolutely loving my job so far. I know I’ve only been in the position a month but it’s FLOWN and I’m really enjoying the work that I’m doing. We had a great speaker in our department on Tuesday afternoon who gave an inspiring presentation on how to succeed in the government. It’s really all about who you know and networking.


  • I just finished “The Ice Child” by Camilla Lackberg and it was SO GOOD. It’s my new Gillian Flynn. I apparently started with book #9 in the series, because I grabbed one of the “new best sellers” off the shelf at the library because it looked intense and like a good thriller. OH IT WAS. I definitely recommend it.


  • I am actually heading out to a farm this weekend for Thanksgiving with my family and a bunch of family friends. I joked that we might have to kill the turkey for dinner the day before. Even before I was a vegetarian I never enjoyed turkey so I’m just excited for the pie. I think this is actually a pretty thought-provoking video on how much people turn a blind eye to the food they eat. I try to NEVER be preachy about vegetarianism and I rarely mentioned it to anyone, but the video is also extremely cute so I’ll share it.

  • I taught spin class last night to TWO people! It felt weird to be teaching basically a private spin class. The class is small to start so when people are away or sick it really makes a difference. For the record it went really well and we all had a killer workout, but I felt weird not being able to yell really loud without it seeming like I was yelling directly at someone.


  • THIS SONG THO. I listened to it 47 times on repeat yesterday. It’s so catchy and addicting. I am also diggin Carry Me by Kygo and Gold by Kiiara even though I have no idea what she’s saying in that song.

  • I guess I should acknowledge the Blue Jays wild card win. I’m not a baseball fan and will never pretend to be. Watching a Blue Jays game just encourages me to think of the million other things I could be doing during those three hours of sport. It gets exciting in playoffs for sure and the game on Tuesday was so intense and LOUD, but the other 160+ games during the season are not as entertaining. I’ll catch the highlights and probably say yes if a hot dude asked me to watch the game with him, but let’s be serious… baseball?


Have a wonderful Thursday and I’ll see you back here tomorrow for workout recaps and a link-up for fitness friday! I have some fun plans for the end of this week and weekend so I’m excited to almost have the long weekend in my grasp!

Are you a baseball fan?

What’s your favourite song right now?

Have you ever watched those intense vegan-ish documentaries that supposedly turned “so many people” vegan/vegetarian?


  1. Omg, I’m a Blue Jays addict! My group of friends get together on the regular to catch all-the-games! I’d literally wake up 4am every morning to complete a days work to make time for the game! The last two playoff days vs Texas have been GREAT and we are already planning tomorrow’s menu haha

    Also, love Flume!

  2. My bones are ice cubes too. I have a space heater literally 2″ away from me at work. Try this morning concoction: hot water, lemon or ACV, fresh grated ginger & a dash of cayenne. You can add honey too. Not only will it make your insides toasty and your tum happy, your butt will burn like hot fire the next day when you poop.

    Omg lol. Hi everyone.

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