WIAW: Work day and runch.

CELLEEEEBRATE GOOD TIMES, C’MON. I finally remembered to keep track of what I ate throughout the day. They are some of the worst food photos ever but it will give you an idea of what my Tuesday eats looked like!


Breakfast: After showering and getting ready for work, I made up a delicious bowl of oatmeal with peanut butter (plus almond milk, egg whites, chia seeds, and flax mixed in) with some coffee and honeydew. Half of my mornings I eat breakfast with no pants because I leave looking like a professional to the very last second before I walk out the door.

I don’t know why I felt the need to share that but you’re welcome.


After a busy morning at work I changed into running gear and hit the trails for a short run. The river valley trails are half closed around downtown for maintenance and such so it was kind of a frustrating run skirting around the construction. It sucks to have to jump on and off roads to get around sidewalk detours but it definitely gave me the fresh air I needed to head back to the office for an afternoon of work!


Lunch: When I changed back into my work clothes and attempted to make it look like I hadn’t just been sweating, I dug into my lunch at my desk. Every Sunday I make my week’s worth of lunches so this week was greek pasta salad with a shit ton of olives. I also had two little clementines/mandarins/oranges(?).


Snack: I also made THESE banana pumpkin and chocolate chip muffins on the weekend so they’ve been a nice afternoon treat this week. They have no butter and very little sugar (made with greek yogurt and pumpkin puree) and of course they are from the lovely Running with Spoons.


Dinner: After my mom told me she felt like she was getting sick I’ve been getting phantom cold symptoms. I don’t think I’m actually getting sick but when I got home from work my eyes were sore, my throat was dry, and I just felt exhausted and achy. I was actually so thankful for my one free night this week to relax at home! I made some cinnamon butternut squash fries and an egg and cheese sandwich with veggies for dinner.


Dessert: It’s no secret that I love dark chocolate so my dessert of choice was a big mug of mint tea and some mint dark chocolate. It was heaven in my mouth. I can really portion my dark chocolate (unlike cookies or icecream or other desserts) so I like having some form of dark chocolate in my cupboards for when those chocolate cravings hit!


That’s what I ate yesterday! I don’t actually think I’m getting sick, especially because I’m attempting to break the record for most cups of tea consumed in a winter. At a catered meeting on Monday I tried three different types of tea and that was the most exciting part of my day, ha!

What did you eat yesterday?

What is your favourite dessert?

Do you like flavoured chocolate or plain?


  1. Your meals look so good! Except for the honeydew melon. *insert the sars mask emoji*
    Yesterday I ate pumpkin oats, apples, salad, ribs, potatoes, zucchini, chocolate and cereal.
    My fav desserts are fruity cheesecakes, fudgey brownies, ice cream, warm cookies. Anything sweet & salty is amazing. I’ve been craving PB marshmallow squares lately!

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