Fitness Friday: All the weekend workouts.

I was in town for the weekend and spent a lot of my time at the gym. The rest of my weekday workouts were pretty typical but I went hard on the weekend. It was fun and I was able to try a few classes and kick my own ass into gear. I feel like I’ve found a nice balance between outdoor active living and hitting the gym. Urban city life with a 9-5 office job isn’t the best for someone who likes the outdoors so much, but I’m doing my best.

Fitness Friday Canadian Girl Runs

Friday, November 18

3.1 mile run (8:45 min/mile)

10 minutes stairmaster

60 minutes walking to and from work

Saturday, November 19

1 hour BodyPump class

10.0 mile run (8:40 min/mile)

70 minutes walking around downtown

Sunday, November 20

1 hour BodyPump class

1 hour GoodLife RPM cycling class

45 minute walk

Monday, November 21

60 minutes walking to and from work

60 minute spin class (instructing)

Tuesday, November 22

4.1 mile run (8:35 min/mile)

60 minutes walking to and from work

Wednesday, November 23

60 minutes walking to and from work

90 minute spin class (instructing)

Thursday, November 24

120 minutes walking to work/course/home



When we hiked Yamnuska two weeks ago I mentioned I was in shorts and ran down scree. I still have cuts and bruises from that situation. My legs looked like train wrecks every time I wore shorts to the gym and spin. Update photo:


A pretty heavy week of workouts so I took last night off to pack for the weekend, take my car in to get its winter tires on, and enjoy an evening at home. I rarely get them so I savoured it and made a delicious dinner, drank sparkling water like a princess, and watched the newest episode of Pitch. Happy Fitness Friday, please leave your links in the comments and share other fitness friday posts!