Fitness Friday: NEW GYM.

Fun fact: I was at my new gym three times in 24 hours. Haha, can you tell I was excited for it to open? I couldn’t wait any longer and stopped in Monday night to check it out and did an easy 30 minutes of cardio, then I hit it up Tuesday morning for weight lifting and then again Tuesday evening for cardio. It’s gorgeous… I can’t wait to go there every day and it has drastically improved my motivation for the gym and particularly early mornings at the gym.

Fitness Friday Canadian Girl Runs

Friday, November 11

Mt. Yamnuska hike with the crew (11 km; 2953′ elevation gain)


Saturday, November 12

Sulphur mountain hike with the bro (5.4 km; 2300′ elevation gain)


Sunday, November 13

60 minute spin class (instructing)

50 minute walk

Monday, November 14

60 minutes walking to and from work (6km)

60 minute spin class (instructing)

30 minutes stationary rowing and stairmaster

I use Jessie’s Girl and a workout remix of Jessie’s Girl in my spin class and it’s so fun. Everyone knows the song and when people hear it come on it’s hilarious to watch their reactions. I get the same effect with R. Kelly’s Ignition remix. Anyway, I stumbled upon this clip from Jimmy Kimmel and it’s awesome.

Tuesday, November 15

45 minutes upper body strength training

60 minutes walking to and from work (6km)

40 minutes cardio circuit (treadmill, stairmaster, elliptical)

Wednesday, November 16

60 minutes walking to and from work (6km)

90 minute spin class (instructing)

Thursday, November 17

60 minutes walking to and from work (6km)

30 minute after dinner walk



I had originally set my alarm to do strength before work yesterday but after going to bed at 11pm and hearing my alarm go off at 4:40am I just could NOT do it. I had a crazy day at work and got home, ate soup, went for a short walk to continue my FitBit step streak, and then curled up on my couch to catch up on episodes of Pitch. I knew I was going to have a late night tonight (heyyyoo Florida Georgia Line!) and so getting a good sleep was last night’s number one priority.


This has been one incredible week, topped by my convocation and a really great reflection on how far I came as a student going through six years of university. I quickly began to understand that a degree doesn’t equal a job in this world anymore and I set out furthering myself in every way possible to ensure I was employable by the end of my degree. It was pretty neat to leave convocation and head straight back to my full-time job that I secured before I graduated. Time to celebrate with some great friends, good beer, and even better country music!

Happy Friday all!


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