Fitness Friday: Patiently waiting.

I am patiently waiting for the new gym near my apartment to open, but for now I’m kicking ass working out in any way I can. Although last night I worked late and when I got home I was starving but I threw my running clothes on to try and catch a few miles in the last of the daylight. I struggled during the first 0.2 miles and told myself that the first mile always sucks but when I hit a mile and just felt terrible, with a bit of pain radiating down my right shin, I knew it wasn’t worth it. My legs sometimes take a day after my long spin class (where I go HARD) to recover.

Let’s take a look at my workouts this week!

Fitness Friday Canadian Girl Runs

Friday, October 28

60 minutes walking to and from work

20 minute walk at lunch

Saturday, October 29

Hike with Jo! Coliseum Mountain (13km; 2300ft gain) 4 hours


Sunday, October 30

80 minute trail walk with Shawn!

50 minutes walking to and from hockey game

Monday, October 31

60 minutes walking to and from work

60 minute spin class (instructing)

Tuesday, November 1

60 minutes walking to and from work

30 minutes elliptical

30 minutes stairmaster

Wednesday, November 2

60 minutes walking to and from work

90 minute spin class (instructing)

Thursday, November 3

60 minutes walking to and from work

1 mile failed run 😉

90 minute walk after dinner

Yesterday it reached NINETEEN degrees. It was crazy. Unfortunately this time of year there is hardly any light when I get home from work to enjoy it but it was amazing to look at haha! When I got to work Thursday morning I looked out the windows from the 19th floor and the sky had a streak of pink across it. It looked like someone took a highlighter and drew a line across the horizon. In the following ten minutes, the sky proceeded to put on the most amazing light show as it unfolded into soft pinks, orange, purple, and blue. It was the perfect way to start my day and reminded me that even when I’m stuck at a desk in a highrise in the city, the world around me is beautiful. The universe sure knows how to reassure us.



Despite my failed run last night, I did end up getting a bit of activity in. I texted my guy friend after dinner to see if he was at home and bored and luckily he was both, so he joined me for a long walk around the river valley. It was super nice to get some fresh air and I was able to WEAR SHORTS during the walk because it was still so warm.

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