I forgot how hard early mornings at the gym were.

I am really really happy to be at my new gym. It’s so clean and new and has so many amenities that my old gym didn’t, PLUS it’s a 24/4 gym which means it opens Monday at 5am and doesn’t close at all until Friday at 10pm with limited operating hours on the weekend. That was one sticking point with my old gym was that 5:30am wasn’t early enough to get in and get out before school or work. I know it sounds crazy, but especially because previously I had to drive 15 minutes to my gym, and 5:30am just wasn’t early enough to get in get out and get ready for work.

I knew I had something planned in the evening yesterday so I made a commitment Monday night to getting a workout done before work. That means EARLY. I hit up the treadmill for an early run yesterday and had to set my alarm for 4:40am… man, I forgot how hard early mornings at the gym were. Every cell in my body wanted to turn off my alarm for another hour but I made it.


It was cold and windy and dark which made it even harder to get my butt out the door however I tried to focus on the positives:

  • I would get 4 miles in before time that I would normally be getting up.
  • I would be super proud of myself for setting a plan and sticking to it, even at 4:40 in the morning.
  • I would have an entire evening to relax, head to an event with my friend, and not get sweaty.
  • In between work and the event, I would have time to come home and cook a proper dinner which I decided about three days ago would include roasted yams.
  • Combining my run with a walk to work and I would hit 12,000 steps by 8am.
  • While I may be tired, running in the morning does tend to give me some endorphins to wake me up at work.

This list is brought to you by 35 minutes on the treadmill with mostly CFL talk happening on SportsCentre and a lack of attention span for it.

My body feels so different running as soon as I roll out of bed with only a quick sip of water a short walk to the gym to fuel me and get me warmed up. I used to think this was the only way to run, on an empty stomach, as early as possible, for as long as I could fit in. In the last year or so I’ve discovered the power of eating before a run, hydrating all day and running in the afternoon of evening, and being well fuelled. I like to think I can do both and do them well, but to me they feel like two different kinds of runs. With unlimited time I would run at about 10am every day but unfortunately the need for a 9-5 job and a paycheque affect that reality. šŸ˜‰ I’m excited to have a treadmill in my morning routine but it’s taking a bit of adjusting to get back to the early unfuelled runs!

Do you have to eat before all of your runs?

Do you run before, during, or after work/school?

Have you turned to a treadmill yet or are you an all-winter outdoor runner?


  1. Welcome back to the 4:40am club. Lol. I’m definitely an early morning runner for a few reasons. I like the feeling of knowing I’ve accomplished a lot before 6am, plus with 3 kids at home my running time is otherwise pretty limited. I’ve tried running a few times during lunch at work but it always feels so rushed and I never feel like I got the most out of the workout.
    Usually I’d say I’m 100% outside all the time, but this year any tempo or fast paced run I’m going to hit the treadmill. Longer or easier runs I’ll stay outside.


  2. In a *perfect* life, I’d wake up well rested, drink a lot of water & coffee, go to the bathroom 384 times, eat a light snack, then head out for at least 5-8 pain-free miles, in shorts and a tank top, in 20-25C weather. BUT those days are very far and few between! Hahaha

    As long as I’ve slept well the night before, it doesn’t really matter which time of day I run. I prefer mornings or right after work. I can’t run well if my stomach is starving, but I also can’t run if there’s food in my stomach.

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