Thinking Out Loud Thursday #86!

Happy Thursday! As I began writing up this post my power went out. It was the weirdest thing. You don’t realize how much noise you’re use to until everything stops and it’s actually silent. It only lasted for about 5 minutes but I started panicking in that span of time… how do I get my car out of underground parking to teach spin? Can I even get into the faab access? Is there a manual way to open the garage door? Luckily, I didn’t have to panic any longer after that train of thought. Woah, really kicking it off with some random thoughts! Here we go with another round of Thinking Out Loud Thursday, linking up with Amanda at Running with Spoons!


  • I have already accomplished SO much in my job in my first two months. I have successfully commandeered my favourite mug from the common kitchen to make tea every day. I also am now known as the employee who wrecked their access pass the fastest… my neighbour’s dog ate it on day two.


  • CHECK IT OUT. Where are we? California? This is so crazy, it never gets this warm in November. I’m not going to lie, I was pretty mentally prepared for snow at this point so I don’t even know what to think.


  • Unfortunately, the good weather doesn’t always mean good things. If you have a spare 90 minutes in your life, you should check out Leonardo DiCaprio’s climate change documentary. I suggest you have both a pillow to scream rage into and some kleenex for when you think about the future of the earth as you watch it.

  • My dad and I had a really good chat on my way home from work the other day. I called him while I was walking home and it was so nice to have someone to talk to as I walked and it gave us a chance to catch up. I told him our “commute chats” should be a regular thing… he wasn’t 110% on board.


  • BUT! I did have my work friend walk me halfway home yesterday which was awesome. We didn’t have a chance to hang out this week so we walked part way home together so we could catch up a bit. We had both just watched the “Before the Flood” documentary so it was a bit of a venting and ranting conversation about the state of our earth and the lack of willingness to change it. Fun times.


  • One of the participants in my 90 minute spin class last night had a baby 8 weeks ago. WTF. Based on my very little knowledge of child birth, I would assume your lady parts aren’t ready to be on a bike seat in 8 weeks. WHO IS THIS SUPERHUMAN?


  • It’s been a weird trend lately in my life where I am talking on the phone more. I normally HATE talking on the phone, but lately it seems to be happening more and more. I’ll call my parents or a friend instead of texting back and forth. One of my guy friends said he was noticing the same thing in his life… is this a trend for anyone else?


That’s all for today. I have NO PLANS tonight and I am so excited about it! Weeknights are treasured pieces of time that seem to fly by when you fill them with as much exercise and social obligations as possible so I am stoked to have a night to myself. Sounds like a facemask, home pedicure, and endless episodes of Friends kind of evening. 😉

Do you talk on the phone or prefer to text?

Have you watched the “Before the Flood” documentary?

What is one documentary (or two or three) that had an unexpected effect on you?


  1. This weather is gorgeous! Strange for November, but still gorgeous. That’s awesome that your member is back working out again after having a baby! She could have had a c-section or had a really uncomplicated birth. Either way, good for her!

    I don’t enjoy talking on the phone that much. Well depending on the person. I hate the awkward lulls in conversations.

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