Thinking Out Loud Thursday #87!

Whaddup #87. Otherwise known as the Sidney Crosby edition of Thinking Out Loud Thursday. *insert smirk emoji*


I’m of course linking up with Amanda at Running With Spoons for another week of Thinking Out Loud Thursday. It’s a good thing these posts are intended to be word vomit thought posts because I just finished 90 minutes of spin and my brain is swirling with endorphins.


  • I am also currently eating a delicious yogurt bowl which is perhaps the best post-spin snack ever. I mixed a scoop of chocolate protein powder with coconut greek yogurt and added raspberries and a sprinkle of trail mix and it’s amazing.


  • Last night I had so much fun at spin class. The crew was so interactive and lively and it makes teaching so much more fun. I played a ton of 80s music and it was a blast. It makes me so happy when people come back to class and ask if I’m going to keep teaching next session! I love my job!


  • As seen at the Bear Paw (aka the best cafe in the Rockies)… #truth


  • Last week I was getting so stressed about all of the things I was trying to squeeze into my life and it occurred to me that I was the one who had full control over who and what I was dedicating my time to. I can choose to focus my energy on fewer things and put more heart and time into them rather than trying to do as much as I can and relax as little as possible. Often the stress in my life is self-induced and it’s so ridiculous! I started getting stressed that I wasn’t fitting as much exercise as I wanted or am used to but that’s really a choice and it’s not about having time it’s about making time to do the things I love!


  • I need a new book! I’ve fallen off the reading train and need to desperately climb back on. I am getting back in the habit of scrolling through my phone at night instead of reading… book suggestions are welcome! I’m into thrillers, crime novels, and Canadian fiction right now. HAHA.


  • It’s funny because it’s true. I don’t even know what to think and I watched alongside the world in shock on Tuesday night. I don’t want to get political on my blog but if there are any hot American men looking to marry a Canadian girl to move up North… just sayin’.



  • I’m going hiking with Jo again this weekend! Remember our last hike two weeks ago and we dressed up for Halloween and climbed a mountain? You see that cool table in the cafeteria… that’s where we sit. What kind of shenanigans are we going to get up to this weekend?!


  • Because I feel the need to update you on every aspect of my life, this is currently my favourite song. This dude was on the X Factor UK and is unreal. It’s my perfect chill walk-to-work jams. His whole album is actually pretty great but this is my favourite song right now.

  • I’m already known as the mandarin orange addict in my office and it’s not even full-swing Christmas mandarin season! I eat a couple for dessert at lunch every day and they are so sweet and delicious right now. As of the end of this week my coworkers walk in, smell oranges, and say, “Oh Kris must have oranges again.” You know what I’m bringing for our coffee break treats this morning? ORANGES.

Have a wonderful Thursday and an even better Friday. Take time to reflect this Remembrance Day and I will be hosting another Fitness Friday link-up so come check it out.

What is your favourite song right now?

Book suggestions anyone? 

Best evening snack in your opinion?


  1. I made a coconut yogurt protein blueberry bowl to bring to work with me this morning. I was thinking about picking up some cinnamon/honey/fun whisky for our hike tomorrow. Would you be down for that? Say yes!

  2. Chevy Stevens is great! Have you read any of her books? She’s Canadian and writes thrillers based in Western Canada – very much a Gillian Flynn vibe. I also just started reading Louise Penny’s Armand Gamache series. The books are murder mysteries set in small-town Quebec. She’s a fantastic author!

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