Thinking Out Loud Thursday #88!

It’s Thursday which means I’m headed back to the mountains TOMORROW. I know, it seems like I was just there but it was been two whole weeks. Craziness. I’m headed there with a guy friend and his friend from Ontario who HAS NEVER SEEN THE MOUNTAINS BEFORE. I think it will be exciting and we definitely plan on snowshoeing! Let’s dive into some Thinking Out Loud Thursday with Amanda at Running with Spoons!


  • I have loaded up my car already with my boots, snowshoes, poles, and trail running shoes… I’m just a tad excited to head to the mountains. I am borrowing my parents’ snowshoes for my friends and people have started to get mad at me when I say I am in search of snow this weekend because I love that stuff.


  • I wasn’t entirely on board with the cold yesterday because I WAS LOCKED OUT OF MY HOUSE after work. Yes, that statement completely deserved capital letters because I was underdressed to stand outside for an hour, freezing cold, and the locksmith had to basically tear my door and its locks apart to get in. After aggressively drilling out the deadbolt we found out it was the handle of the door that wasn’t working and it took some shimmying and a screwdriver to get us in… then he had to replace all of the locks and handles. It was a fun evening. The locksmith was also a 15 year old Russian boy… wat.


  • My frostbite and lock replacement made me 12 minutes late to teach spin but luckily I knew another instructor that was working at the gym yesterday evening and he kindly started my crew with a warmup while I acquired 13 speeding tickets getting there as fast as possible. I ended up teaching a TOUGH but fun class and my class understood my tardiness.


  • I’ve been thinking about getting a nose piercing or tattoo a lot lately. Or both. I have a few tattoo ideas floating around in my head but I need a solid year to love an idea before I’ll scar my body with it. The nose piercing is a recent idea but I kind of like the thought of it… those with a nose piercing what should I know before I do it? I love this tattoo but I’d want it to say “explore.”


  • I am so grateful for the work opportunities I’ve had lately. Government work is extremely new to me but my supervisor has been very helpful in getting me in on different projects and training opportunities. This morning I’m headed to do a blanket exercise (experiential Indigenous history training in a nutshell) and tomorrow I am away from the office all day with a school health organization. Some days I question if I’m the right fit in government but other days I realize how far government can take me as a career.


  • I got home from spin on Monday and just wanted to dance. I put on this song and it’s such a fun dancing-around-your-apartment song. I told my friend he had to be down for car karaoke on the way to Banff because that’s the only way to roadtrip.

  • I had coffee with a friend last night (Hi Shawn!) and it’s funny how much conversation we can get into like half an hour a week. It’s nonstop talking for that time while we catch up on everything happening in each other’s lives. We’re also super sarcastic and honest with each other so we know we’re going to get 100% truth and opinion from the other person… it’s awesome.


That’s all for today, I need to go make copies of my new keys for my landlord and my emergency key-holders… aka my parents. I do feel moderately comforted by the effort it took to get into my apartment and the fact that we couldn’t break into my place easily. Have a wonderful Thursday!

What should I know before/if I pierce my nose?

Song you put on for an instant dance party?


  1. My nose piercing was a spontaneous “I have an hour before work and live next to a tattoo/piercing studio” kind of thing. I do not regret to it all. The one thing you should think about is how much you rub your face or use tissues (do you get runny noses often in the winter?), and whether your nose is sensitive, because the piercing will move and might come out as you get used to it and shoving it back in can hurt a bit. You also should put a dot on your nose and see how it looks. I look good with a stud, but would look awful with a ring. My nose is too thin. My friend however looks amazing with a ring. Hope that helps 🙂

  2. Hey now…I’m not sarcastic at all 😉
    I can’t really give any nose piercing advice, but that tattoo idea is great!

  3. I love that you’re (we’re) not giving them the traditional Rocky MTN tour of driving to Lake Louise and leaving after 5 mins. hahaha!!!

    I’m so confused about what gear to pack this weekend. Imma bring 1 of everything. Including a headlamp.

  4. Take it easy on your friends who haven’t seen the mountains! Your easy snowshoe might be killer for them, ha ha.
    I love that tattoo, it’s so pretty. I had my nose pierced for about a month. It fell out when I was sleeping though and closed overnight so I never bothered to redo it.

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