Weekend Adventures Part 1: Yamnuska with the crew.

I tend to overload hiking weekend posts with lots of photos and commentary so I decided to split up my weekend recap into two parts, this first part is about hiking Yamnuska with a great adventure crew! I managed to somehow convince my brother to come hiking with me this weekend so I picked him up at 6am and we hit the road to Kananaskis. We met Jo, her BF, and Jen at the Mount Yamnuska trailhead and began the adventure.


Yamnuska is a tough one! It’s not long but it is certainly fun and gives you plenty of different technical aspects to work with like the chain that helps you get around the back of the mountain, some rock climbing, a bit of maneuvering around snow and ice at this time of year, running down the scree, and good old switch back hiking. I did this hike a few years ago but we did an up and back in the same route and didn’t do the loop. The loop is so much better!


We made it to the top in just over 2 hours. I had shorts on because it was about FIFTEEN degrees Celsius. Isn’t that crazy for November! I certainly wasn’t complaining (until I hit the scree in shorts that is). It was hot for the most part climbing up but naturally the breeze at the top cooled us off pretty quick. I really enjoyed the different that comes with this hike.


I’m super duper proud of my brother – this was his FIRST summit! I didn’t really realize it until he mentioned it on the way down and looking back Yamnuska was probably a tough first mountain but he’s alive and hopefully had a good time!


I have to admit that scree running is one of my favourite parts of hiking this mountain. It takes me a bit to let myself go and just run down the mountain because in the back of your mind you’re worried about falling or tripping or hitting a big rock, which are all valid concerns but overthinking it seems to lead to those things actually happening. It’s cool to just let go and run.



It was a 4-hour round trip hike and when we got down the mountain at about 3pm it already felt like the sun was going down! Despite the weather feeling like summer the short daylight hours were a reminder of how close to winter we are! I was so happy Jen decided to join us and of course a hike with Jo is always a blast. We headed into Canmore after for pizza and beer. We headed to Rocky Mountain Flatbread in the busy little town and enjoyed our hard-earned dinner. Stuart and I headed to my Aunt’s for the night before our second day of adventures.


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