Weekend Recap: A weekend at home for a change!

After three weekends away in the mountains, I finally had a weekend at home. Not only that but I had very few commitments and could actually relax a bit! I don’t really know how to do that so I basically lived at my new gym this weekend but it was awesome. It was sad to not be driving out to Alberta paradise in the mountains but it was a much needed break from road tripping!

I had tickets to the Florida Georgia Line concert on Friday night with a couple of girlfriends and we had so much fun! We went out for drinks before the show then spent our night dancing and singing and loving the fact that Tyler sang the last two songs shirtless. It was a great show!


It turns out french fries and beer are good sources of running fuel because I had the BEST workout I’ve had in FOREVER on Saturday morning. I slept in, made some oatmeal and coffee, then wandered over to my new gym for GoodLife’s BodyPump class. I love that I can get a solid strength workout in without having to think about it, I just do what the instructor tells me and my whole body is a noodle by the end. I really liked the instructor and pending more weekend travel plans, I’m going to try to get to her Saturday class as much as possible!

After BodyPump I hit up the treadmill to get some cardio in. I decided just to run until I got tired. I felt so good at 3 miles that I just kept running. I thought I would go to 5 and call it quits but still felt really good and even started running faster at that point. As I was closing in on 7 miles I thought I would bring it to an even 8 but still felt awesome so threw in some speed intervals for two more miles and finished off 10 miles before hopping off. It was my best run in weeks!


I spent Saturday afternoon super cleaning my apartment, grocery shopping, and watching episodes of Mr. D. On Saturday night I went to a Christmas lightup with a few friends and we wandered around in the cold and snow for a couple hours at the festival before grabbing some dinner at 1st RND and watching some hockey. It was a delightful evening surrounded by Christmas lights and giant falling snowflakes. I was home by 9pm and already ready to crawl into bed. #partyanimal

On Sunday morning I pulled my sore body out of bed to hit up another BodyPump class. I actually set my alarm for 8am so I would have time to eat and get ready for the class! I was certainly sore heading into it but I pushed through and had a fantastic workout! I even upped my squat track weight! After BodyPump I ran across to the cycling studio forย a GoodLife RPM class (indoor cycling). I can’t say I loved the class, but it should be noted I’m bias to my own style of teaching. I got some good heart pumping cycling in but the speed drills the instructor did were not exactly what I would call “safe” or “efficient” according to the cycling training I’ve done with AFLCA and Keiser Cycling. Nonetheless, I left a sweaty mess.

I spent the remainder of my Sunday doing laundry, grabbing a couple more groceries, and making dinner for my family! That’s right! My parents and brother came over for dinner at my apartment for the first time! (Fun story: when my friend came to my apartment for the first time last week I said, “Wow, this is the first time I’ve had to shut the door to pee, normally there’s no one around for me to have to!” #classy). I made butternut squash lasagna, a chickpea and orange spring salad, and bought us some treats for dessert from Edmonton’s famous Duchess Bake Shop.



It was delicious! I used THIS recipe, didn’t change a thing, and it was amazing. We had maple pecan pie and rhubarb galette for dessert and then rolled our way into my living room to watch some hockey and digest! It was super neat to be able to host my family for dinner… though it made me realize how ill-prepped I am for hosting… I didn’t even have salad tongs! It was the perfect end to a great weekend and I feel rested and recovered unlike when I’m rushing back into the work week from the mountains!

What did you do this weekend?

What is the last dessert you ate?

What was the last concert you went to?


  1. YOU BEAST! I can’t imagine running 10 miles or doing spin right after Bodypump. I told Nick about your weekend during our run this morning and he was all, “That’s great Kris can do that. But you continuously break yourself so I hope you don’t try the same thing” I did BP as soon as we got home. ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Salad tongs! Who cares! You don’t even own a single wine glass!!! And the dinner was delicious by the way!!!!

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