Almost ready for Christmas & 21?!

Yesterday my LITTLE brother turned 21. It’s crazy to think that we’re both in our 20s now… and it seems like just yesterday we were this little. Matching bowl haircuts and not a care in the world. We loved fleece and denim, and I’d like to say lots has changed but I bought a pink fleece jacket that looks eerily similar to this one just last year.

I spent the evening at my parents’ house celebrating my brother’s birthday. We had wood-oven pizza from our favourite local restaurant and I volunteered to bring cake so I brought Dairy Queen’s candy cane oreo blizzard cupcakes. It was just a family dinner and we didn’t need a huge cake so the cupcakes did the trick plus they were INCREDIBLE. I love chocolate and peppermint together and despite the windchill dipping to -33C, we ate icecream.

The rest of my weekend was spent in Calgary with most of the Alberta blogger gang. I intended to leave Friday night but worked late and hadn’t packed when I finally made it home around 6:30 so I made the decision to get a good sleep and hit the road early Saturday morning instead. I felt myself getting stressed out that I wasn’t leaving early enough and the roads would be congested and icy and wound up getting so much more done at work without panicking about having to get home at a certain time. My brain is nonsense sometimes… this is what my Friday night looked like in one photo, ha!

It was probably the best choice because there was less traffic, I was able to watch the sunrise across the frosty prairie horizon, and I had consumed enough coffee by the time I reached Calgary that I was ready to hit BodyPump and brunch with Jo! We hit up BodyPump then ran for about 25 minutes on the treadmill before heading around the corner to Cora’s for brunch. I felt slightly shitty and only ran for about 10 minutes before walking the rest but Jo killed a 5K. Then we demolished this colourful deliciousness.

I showered at my Aunt’s place before braving the crowds at CrossIron Mills shopping centre. It wasn’t as terrible as I thought it would be and I ended up getting a lot accomplished. I went in with zero agenda, patience, and a strategy just to wander. It worked and that seems to be when I find what I didn’t know I was looking for! Once I finished up shopping I made my way to Brie’s house for the annual Alberta Blogger Christmas Party.

(^ that’s all caps so it looks official).

(Nicole, me, Leigh, Jen, Brie, Ange, and Alison)

It was a tame evening with some great ladies… THREE of whom are pregnant so you could say the rum and eggnog wasn’t flowing as it may have been otherwise. 😉 It was really nice to catch up with these girls who I get to connect with very seldomly. I was lucky enough to get to hike with Jen just a few weeks ago, but the rest I hardly see! The food was wonderful and it was really nice to get to see the lovely host, Brie, who will be having her baby in just over two weeks!

I caught up with my Aunt who I stayed with and felt really good about starting my Christmas shopping with a bang. I am excited to have the rest of the weekends in December at home, not only because I’ve slid one too many times on the highways, but because it’s so nice to have cozy evenings at home when it’s cold and snowy out. I told my mom that I was going to pack a bag and drive 30 minutes to her house to stay for my 10 day holiday so I could feel like I was going on vacation.

What did you do this weekend?

Are you finished/beginning/no where close to starting your Christmas shopping?

Are you traveling for the holidays or staying home?


    1. I always think that – as I drive through Red Deer I’m like, maybe I should text Becky… next time I go through I will for sure!!

  1. You can get DQ Blizzard cupcakes?! Oh my word! We had Turtle Sundaes from McDonald’s on Friday night and they were delicious!

    Haha “tame” Christmas party – I never thought about how 40% of the party was pregnant lol 😉 So glad you made the trip to come! It was so nice to see you!

    I love cozy nights/weekends at home (and I definitely think that comes more with age for sure!). But we definitely won’t be going anywhere outside of Calgary now until baby comes 😉

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