Christmas at the Murrays’ 2016.

What a weekend! It seems so whirlwind when Christmas falls soon after work or school ends. It feels like Christmas shouldn’t be over already but I’m also really glad it is because now I am able to enjoy another week of holidays before heading back to work in January. Christmas around the Murray house is usually pretty quiet, as almost all of our relatives live in Manitoba and we are the only outcasts in the west. We tend to invite family friends over for Christmas Eve and then have a quiet Christmas Day, which is exactly how this year went.

I packed my bags on Friday and made the long and treacherous journey north, a whole 30 minutes, to my parents house. We spent Friday night eating pizza and relaxing. On Saturday, Christmas Eve, my dad and I hit the gym for a workout then I had a massage around noon. It has been a while since I’ve had a massage and it was unreal. RMTs are always so surprised at how full of knots I am! We spent the evening with family friends enjoying fondue and games… and a lot of sangria… evident by the only photo I took that night…

On Christmas morning we all tried to sleep in, sipped coffee in our pjs and opened stockings. We made gingerbread pancakes before opening the rest of the gifts and we all spoiled each other. All of the gifts were perfect for the intended recipient and it was really cool to see how well we all know each other. We had such an enjoyable morning and as it began to get warmer outside, we bundled up and headed out for a walk in the beautiful blue sky and sunshine… and -23C. It was actually incredible and we all got really toasty tromping through the snow in the sunshine.

After our walk we opened some of the games we received for Christmas and played games for a few hours before dinner. We played Telestrations After Dark (someone may or may not have peed their pants laughing so hard playing this game) and Watch Ya Mouth, the game where you are wearing a mouth opener and have to try and read cards to get the other person to guess what you’re saying. It was hilarious. My abs will be sore for days from laughing so hard. We enjoyed our turkey dinner, ate way too much, and then bundled back up for another brief walk in the dark. It was refreshing to get back outside and when we came home we played a couple more games before diving into episodes of This Is Us. This show, you guys, I’m hooked. We plan on using the rest of the holidays… or more likely, today, to finish season 1 of this show.

It was a perfect Christmas and I’m so thankful I was able to spend it with my wonderful family. I’m spoiled just by having these humans in my life.