Fitness Friday: The last workout recap.

I’ve decided that considering I barely care about what I did for workouts during the week, I’m sure that my readers care even less, so I’m cutting the current format of Fitness Friday after today. I think maybe fitness topic posts, something with more quality content, is due on these days so this is my last workout recap (unless I go crazy and sign up for a fourth marathon or something).

My morning meetings were cancelled today so instead of just the afternoon, I’m taking the ENTIRE DAY OFF. I was literally bouncing around at work yesterday afternoon waiting to go home for a three-day weekend. There is always work to be done and I certainly could have filled my day yesterday without the meetings but I decided that I was basically already checked out and a hair cut, lunch with my brother, and Christmas shopping was more important.

Friday, December 9

5.0 mile run (8:41 min/mile)

60 minutes walking to and from work (~6 km)

Saturday, December 10

60 minute GoodLife BodyPump class with Jo!

2.0 mile run (9:30 min/mile)

Sunday, December 11

5.21 mile run (8:40 min/mile)

Monday, December 12

60 minutes walking to and from work (~6 km)

30 minute walk at lunch

60 minute spin class (instructing)

Tuesday, December 13

60 minutes walking to and from work (~6 km)

5.0 mile run (8:42 min/mile)

10 minutes stairmaster

Wednesday, December 14

60 minutes walking to and from work (~6 km)

90 minute spin class (instructing)

Thursday, December 15

60 minutes walking to and from work (~6 km)


I think this winter “easier” workout routine has done wonders for me. It’s allowed me to focus on my new job and establishing myself in my new role in the “real world.” I’ve taken days off after long spin classes because that’s when my body needs them. I kind of like the “hunker down in winter” attitude that I have going on right now because it’s times like these when I start to feel inspiration, motivation, and fresh fitness ideas stirring inside of me. 5 mile runs seem to be my happy place right now. Long enough that I can settle in but short enough that I don’t have to make time for a long workout… plus enough sweat that it’s a stress relief!

I finally have to wish long-time reader, the woman that probably gave this blog it’s first 100 views on her own, my beautiful and amazing mom, a happy birthday. I’m super excited to be celebrating with her and some of our close friends tonight. Based on many many many blog posts, you guys know I love my mom. She’s kind of unreal and one of the best people you will meet. 🙂

Happy birthday mom!

What are you up to this weekend?

What month is your birthday in? Any December babies that feel cheated by Christmas?

Has your fitness routine changed over the seasons?


  1. I’m a mid-December baby and I’ve always hated it! Ha ha. You accept it the older you get, but it was hard as a kid to not have anyone come to my birthday parties, or to get Christmas/birthday presents.

  2. Happy Birthday Kris’s mom! I can only hope that my daughter and I have as close of a relationship as you two do in the future! And yes, I already feel guilty that my unborn daughter is totally going to feel cheated by her birthday being so close to Christmas 😉

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