How did I do? 2016 Goal Review.

It’s fun to reflect on the entire year, especially because I set goals at the beginning and get to see how I did at the end. (Heads up -> there is a “year in review” post coming on Friday so be sure to grab a venti coffee for that one). 2016 was an amazing year and sometimes over the course of a year goals tend to change as life shifts in new directions but I think I did well accomplishing what I set out to do.

Goal #1: Read more, screen less.

I give myself a B+ on this goal. I exceeded my GoodReads goal of 24 books by reading 33 books this year, but I still screened quite a bit. I went through phases of reading half a dozen books a month and then not reading a single page for weeks. I think I certainly could have done better but 33 books is an improvement on last year! These were three of my favourite books this year.

Goal #2: Camp more. I would say a B on this goal. I went camping this year, so if it were pass or fail, I would pass!! I expected to go camping A LOT more than I did, but as it happens, I don’t have a ton of friends that love to not shower, sleep in a tent, and drive at least 4 hours to get to the mountain campgrounds. I had an amazing time on the camping trip I did go on though!

Goal #3: Remember recovery. I get an A for this goal. I have to disclaim that I didn’t run a marathon this year, which likely contributed to my lack of injuries, but I also took time to do the workouts that my body needed and not the workouts that were in my head, planned, and on my schedule. I became okay with an easy spin session instead of a run, or some strength training instead of hopping on the treadmill and it while it took a while to accept it, I know that being a runner doesn’t mean you have to be perfect at it.

Goal #4: Take better care of my skin. A definite B- on this goal. I am SO MUCH BETTER about taking my make-up off before bed, but I could definitely continue to improve my skin care routine. I am not one to spend a ton of money on skin care products or make-up, and I don’t see myself changing, so for me it is about reducing make-up use and having quality products over quantity, maintaining my high intake of water, and not eating foods that I know cause break-outs.

Goal #5: Forge my own trail. I had a lot of ‘life changes’ this year, and I think this goal deserves an A+. I finished grad school at the end of the summer, attaining my Master of Science degree. I actually defended my thesis about a week after I started my first ‘big girl job.’ I now have a really amazing job working in Indigenous health policy with the provincial government. I found my first apartment, moved out, and began a path of discovering who I am and who I want to be, which as it turns out SHOULD BE THE SAME PERSON.

I remember starting out at the beginning of the year following a ton of really cool Instagram accounts, people who travelled everywhere, were outdoors all the time, went hiking a lot, and were just badass humans that made me feel like I wasn’t really ‘living.’ What was stopping me from being this people? I could probably give a million reasons why things get in the way of doing what you truly love, but the real reason was that I wasn’t actually trying. I wasn’t putting time into things I was passionate about. I wasn’t outside exploring because neither were the people around me. I wasn’t ‘living’ my life because I fell into complacency. This year I feel I really changed that. I went hiking as much as I possibly could, I drove 8 hours in a day just to hike, I hiked solo, I camped solo, I found people that enjoyed the same things I enjoy, and I realized that if you stop scrolling awesome Instagram accounts, you can create the beautiful photos you see instead of double tapping them and feeling sorry that that isn’t your life.

Overall, I really think these goals were perfect for me for 2016. It encouraged me to explore what I want my life to be, and then taking action to get it there. My annual goals aren’t revolutionary resolutions to become a completely different person, they are little nudges for me to become a holistically healthier and happier person.

Mission accomplished.


  1. you had great goals for 2016, I really like the forge your own trail one! My spouse and I have a goal to start camping in 2017, we tried last year but due to his oilfield job layoff, we just couldn’t get it done. We need to buy camping gear basics slowly leading up to this summer, and just get out there.

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