Mailing it in until the new year?

As soon as December hits I start to pull up my old blog posts that talk about everything I wanted to accomplish in 2016. I think about why I set out those specific goals, whether or not I achieved them, or what changed that stopped them from resonating in my heart as strongly as they had in January. It is also the season of new goal setting. I get so excited for a new year and while I don’t really think that January 1st is the be all end all of becoming a “new you” I do think it has some merit for focusing on continuous improvement of the person you want to be.

With that said, I think I’m mailing it in until the new year.

Yesterday I worked a little late so I got home around 6pm and before settling in, I quickly changed into some spandex and walked to the gym. I wasn’t super ready for a big workout but I didn’t get up early and get it done so I knew it as my only hope for the day. I spent 15 minutes on the spin bike and 15 minutes walking at a 10% incline on the treadmill before deciding I was too hungry and too tired to do anymore.

Or was I?

I seriously think my subconscious has already started focusing on the new year. I’m already planning for the fitness classes I’ll be teaching and participating in and I know a few of the self-improvements I want to make in the new year, but that mentality is sabotaging the last two weeks of December for me. It’s been cold and dark and there are cookies everywhere right now, and with the shiny sparkly allure that 2017 brings, it’s easy to call it quits on making progress at the end of 2016.

I was totally making excuses for myself yesterday after leaving the gym after a half-ass 30 minutes, and I literally thought, “but in 12 days, I’m going to come out of the gates of 2017 FLYING… like killing it… no one can stop me.” The difference in my mind between December 31st and January 1st was so extravagant that I had to remind myself that new years is a fantastic little motivation kick, like it’ll bump you up about 5%, but what you really need is constant drive. The kind of drive that doesn’t fade annually, but ebbs and flows naturally, without relying on dates or Mondays or new excel spreadsheet training programs to work.

New years resolutions in 11 days will not be my excuse to bail on workouts. Will it be yours? 😉


  1. Man, I need to watch Office Space again! How awesome is that movie?!

    I totally agree with you as far as the last 11 days of the year. I’ve been saying for a month now I need to clean up my diet – not that it’s bad, but there’s been far too many ‘little’ snacks and the ‘odd’ beer. But now I’ve totally fallen into the trap of waiting until the new year to really buckle down. Just wait until Jan 1 though…I’m going to crush 2017…

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