My holiday season by the numbers.

I am STILL on holidays… I am loving having this time off. In previous part-time jobs while I was a student, it was guaranteed I would be working throughout the holidays, so it is kind of amazing to now have all holidays off – and finally getting to know what long weekends are like! I thought it would be fun to take a look at what I’ve been up to this holiday season by the numbers!

19 Hours of sleep I enjoyed between Christmas Eve and Boxing Day.

2 Number of Christmas movies I watched this year (Elf and Jack Frost).

5 Pairs of socks I received for Christmas this year.

7 Number of holiday commercials or viral videos that made me cry.

9 Number of different beers I tried during the holidays.

18 Kilometres between my apartment and my parents’ doorstep.

1 Numbers of times I peed my pants while playing board games with my family.

4 Number of times I referenced the Mean Girls Jingle Bell Rock dance routine.

8 Number of times my dad mentioned his excitement about the World Junior hockey games beginning on Boxing Day.

3 Pieces of nanaimo bar I dipped in chocolate fondue. #chocolateonchocolate

2 Number of Christmas day walks in -23C to -28C that I enjoyed with my family.

10 Number of episodes of This Is Us that I binge-watched in the last week.

172 Number of times I was thankful for my family and the time I get to spend with them this season.

Number of calories I consumed in holiday treats and chocolate?

How were your holidays?

Do you get time off? When are you going back to work?

Tell me one “by the number” stat about your holiday season!