Thinking Out Loud Thursday #89!

Good morning wonderful people and happy first day of DECEMBER! I’m writing up a shopping list for this weekend and since I have a weekend at home again I have a few things to do around my apartment and some Christmas shopping. I am heading to IKEA this weekend and I think I’m planning this adventure to south Edmonton more than I plan my weekends in the mountains. Let’s join Amanda at Running with Spoons for Thinking Out Loud Thursday!


This post is also kind of a “currently” post where I write about what I’m currently up to. On Tuesday evening I cancelled all plans of BodyPump and my friends cancelled our planned kickboxing class and I decided to have a “me” evening. I did a facemask, watched reruns of Friends, ate nachos, and was in my pajamas at about 6:30pm.

  • Currently eating… nachos. I added black beans, spicy salsa, monterey jack cheese, tomatoes, peppers, and avocado to my nachos and they were unreal. My “me” night was a bit of a treat night and I loved every second.


  • Currently using… cheap facemasks. I don’t really spend a ton of money on face products or makeup like a normal girl and the same goes for these facemasks. They make my skin feel super soft and I love the smell of them. I spilled green facemask on my floor, sink, and cardigan when I put it on… HAHA.


  • Currently listening to… Season 2 of Someone Knows Something! It’s basically CBC’s version of the podcast Serial and it’s really good. It dives into a mysterious Canadian unsolved crime and interviews people, police, suspects, and tries to find new leads on a old case. I love that it’s back with a new season!


  • Currently reading… The Inconvenient Indian by Thomas King. I am about halfway through right now and I absolutely adore this book. It’s super funny and talks about colonialism so bluntly and matter-of-factly that you can’t help but love the author’s style of writing. I’m pretty passionate about reconciliation and addressing the long-lasting effects of the¬†colonization of Indigenous people and the current systemic racism that persists in Canada and this book lightens up such a depressing and horrific topic!


  • Currently preparing for… a three hour aerobathon on Saturday. I’m teaching 20 minutes of core during the three hour holiday food bank fundraiser but I plan on participating in the entire three hours. If you’re an Edmonton-based reader I encourage you to check it out HERE and join me!


  • Currently watching… Pitch. This is the first season of the show but I already think it has knocked it out of the park (pun intended). It’s a show on Fox about a first female pitcher in the MLB. This guy is the main reason I have continued to watch it, he’s so dreamy.

<> at Orpheum Theatre on October 5, 2014 in Los Angeles, California.

  • Currently excited for… hiking/snowshoeing with Jo in a week and a half. There may or may not be elf costumes involved. There is never a dull moment when we go on outdoor adventures together. Remember when we dressed up as a devil and an angel and hiking near Nordegg.


  • Currently feeling… like the week is flying! This conversation literally happened to me on Tuesday. I was walking home from work with my coworker and we were talking about how crazy the week had been and I said, “Wow, it’s been quite the week,” and she said, “Uh, it’s Tuesday.” There has been so much going on in my office that it was like 5 days of changes in 2 days.


I hope your week is going by just as fast because it’s almost the WEEKEND again! Tell me what you’ve been up to and what you’re currently eating, thinking, and reading!


  1. I currently don’t know what I’m thinking. Seriously. I’m at Queen’s for the Executive Leadership Course and it’s been very impactful. Incredible course. It really has got me thinking in different ways and provided a lot of clarity on certain sutuations I have going on.

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