Thinking Out Loud Thursday #90!

I have yet to freeze to death so HAPPY THURSDAY! I think I have figured out the correct number of layers to walk to work every day… which is about seven. I look like a giant marshmallow but at least I’m warm. I saw a girl in flats yesterday morning and while she looked cute in them, c’mon, she must have been FROZEN. Let’s jump into Thinking Out Loud Thursday with Amanda at Running with Spoons.

  • When I was apartment searching in the summer I narrowed it down to two options. One had heated underground parking and one had a stall outside on the pavement… in the last three days I can safely say it was worth the extra rent to have heated underground parking. My car isn’t an ice block all winter and climbing into a car that is 20C is way better than one that is -20C.

  • I am really glad I went to EINP on Sunday before it got really cold. I’m learning to embrace the Edmonton winter but this week has still been an adjustment! I find such clarity in being outside.

  • My lunches this week have been on point. I made “power bowls” which were the most random combination of great food like kale, quinoa, acorn and butternut squash, black beans, tomatoes, bell peppers, feta, beets, and balsamic vinegar. My supervisor came by my desk when I was eating lunch and said, “that looks ridiculously healthy.” UM YEAH.

  • My lunch and dinner yesterday were such a contrast. Above, you see the colours of the rainbow, all the micronutrients possible on one meal for lunch, and for dinner, I had chocolate protein “nice cream” with peanut butter and half a chopped brownie protein bar. #alltheprotein I was craving dessert but needed some protein after spin so this is what came out of it.

  • A few photos from the Holiday Aerobathon that I participated in and taught a portion of came out this week and thankfully the one of step class showed me IN SYNC with the rest of the class. It must have been the only 0.3 seconds that I was actually doing the same thing as everyone else and able to follow along! Can you spot me?!

  • I bought THIS shelving unit from IKEA to hold some herbs that I want to begin growing in early 2017. I have already started thinking of my New Years Resolutions and 2017 goals and gardening or more accurately, “learning to garden” is one of them. I needed a place to keep plants closer to the light and where my big windows are in my apartment to I bought this cute shelf. Please also note the amazing lit birch fake tree from Costco that my mom bought me. She’s the absolute best! It’s so cute!

  • This is a real life goal.

  • I laughed way too hard at this… and then set out my career goals to be more successful because this is actually way too real.

  • I FLEW through this podcast. It’s only 8 episodes but it was SO GOOD. I have an interest in Indigenous history and historical trauma and reconciliation but I think the majority of Canadians would really enjoy it. If you like Serial or Someone Knows Something then you’ll love this one!

I hope everyone is staying warm! I was talking to a guy yesterday that WORKS OUTSIDE all day. It made me reconsider my complaints about a 35 minute walk to work in the cold when he has to work outside all day every day in these crazy temperatures. I can’t even imagine.

Any gardeners out there – I need your advice and help in the New Year!

What was your favourite lunch this week?

How are you doing with any 2016 goals or resolutions?


  1. I’ve been listing to the who killed Alberta Williams podcast too! it’s really good and I can’ wait until they release the next episode ( I thin kit’s out this week)

  2. I love that birch tree! It’s going to look wonderful in the west coast mansion your parents are buying us for Christmas! 🙂

    My fav lunch I ate this week were the 5 billion onion rings I had yesterday. So good in the moment, so much grease/heartburn/stabbing stomach pains after! But sometimes you just need to eat deep fried food!

  3. Its cold. Really cold here in Colorado……but it’s pretty Christmas Card perfect right now too, sooooo……good gear. Thats how I survive. 🙂 And I had gardened for YEARS in Virginia….now I live in Colorado- whole different gardening universe. I’m a baby gardener again.

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