Tuesday Tunes on my walk to work.

Yeah, so I survived. I also went to MEC before spin class last night to buy cross-country ski pants to wear over my work pants from now on going to work. I was warm the entire way one top and on my feet but my legs were blocks of ice. I brought flats to work so I could take my Sorels off and just be comfy in flats at work. I went for a walk at lunch… but through the underground tunnels and around the downtown mall so I didn’t have to go outside! I have been walking along to a few of these songs lately…

Starving by Hailee Steinfeld ft. Zedd.

i hate u, i love u by gnash ft. olivia o’brien.

Mercy by Shawn Mendes.

This Town by Niall Horan.

All We Know by The Chainsmokers ft. Phoebe Ryan.

Grigio Girls by Lady Gaga.

I was really hoping to actually find an adult version one-piece snowsuit like we used to have when we were kids. You know like the little brother in A Christmas Story, it is actually so warm and as much as you look like a dork, it’s comfy and you can be outside for hours! It’s kind of funny how much adults begin to despise the snow but 15 years ago for me, when it snowed it was the most exciting feeling. You knew that when you got home from school you could put on all of your snow gear and go outside and play until dinner and then play again until bed. What happened to that feeling people!


I’m hoping Jo feels the same way this weekend when we head out for some adventures… we just have to dress for it and play around like kids in the snow! I’m not crazy about our -32C windchill all week but it’s suppose to be snowy, sunny, and cold… imagine that in Edmonton, it’s almost like we should expect this? 😉

What songs are you rocking lately?

Did you ever have one of those snowsuits? Did you live where it snowed a ton?

What is your favourite part of winter?

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