WIAW: What I’ve been loving lately.

In Edmonton right now I think we get around 7-8 hours of sunlight which makes for the most absurd food photos ever. I haven’t captured a day of eating in a while, because sometimes that’s boring AF, but I will share a few of the foods I’ve been loving lately for today’s What I Ate Wednesday.

Pumpkin pasta sauce.

“I just really need to focus on saving money and watching my budget.”

*Spends $7.99 on organic “tuscany-style” pumpkin pasta sauce*

I’m not going to lie, I don’t regret this decision at all. It was amazing. I made a quinoa dish with goat cheese, roasted peppers, chickpeas, and this sauce and took it to work for lunch all week. I can’t get over how delicious it was. Too much money? Yes, obviously, lesson learned… don’t shop in the “natural” aisle of the grocery store.

Oikos Coconut Greek Yogurt. I love how thick and creamy greek yogurt is and I always had a weird aversion to anything coconut flavoured but lately I’m warming up to all things coconut, including this yogurt. One day I mixed it with pineapple and basically thought I was a genius foodie goddess for putting two things that have some tropic origins together.

Rain Coast Crisps. Ah, the cracker that makes you instantly classy at any holiday potluck. The cracker that says, “I’m bringing crackers and cheese, but I’m going to be a classy bitch about it.” I took these crackers, with Brie cheese and apricot preserve no less, to Brie’s holiday party and was totally that girl that filled her plate with her own potluck contribution. What can I say, I love these crisps!

BigRock Winter Spice Ale. I am a huge fan of Granville Island’s Winter Ale that only comes out for the season, but I never would have guessed that another beer would be my new go-to winter ale. This spice ale is one that you can actually taste the nutmeg and caramel and it’s unreal.

Olives. Do you ever look at the appetizer section of an Italian restaurant and see the $11 plate of warm olive and think, “WTF, why would anyone order those?” BECAUSE THEY ARE WORTH IT. Warm, salty, and with that touch of olive oil… I’m reaching the point that as I write what my current favourite foods are I realize that I have an expensive taste in food.

Finally, these DAMN Lindt chocolates. If people at my work would stop leaving these on my desk at 9am that’d be great. My supervisor also gave my a Lindt advent calendar and you can bet that I’ve eaten the daily chocolate before 10am. It’s a problem.

That’s a tiny glimpse into what’s been crossing my plate and landing on my hips over the last couple of weeks. My brother is a biscotti-making machine and while I look forward to the annual holiday baking that both him and my mom do, I need to strategically only be at their house for a couple of nights simply for the fact that doctors typically don’t recommend food groups of beer, biscotti, chocolate, and lattes.

What foods have you been enjoying lately?

What is one food that is super expensive but you can’t resist?


  1. We’re obsessed with that coconut greek yogurt in my house. It’s all we buy.
    Grandville Island’s Winter Ale is my favourite beer too. I’ll have to check out that Big Rock one! Thanks for the tip.

  2. I am newly obsessed with the Granville Island winter ale so crushed to discover your recommendation is not available in Ontario!

    1. It’s great! I told my boss I loved Mondays because then I get all my advent calendar chocolate from Saturday, Sunday, AND Monday. Hahaha!

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