Bringing the fun back: recreation sports!

This weekend somehow flew by, though I don’t quite remember actually doing anything. You know those weekends where you felt relatively busy or productive but you look back and wonder where all that time went? Yeah, those ones. It started with Friday night, when I decided to stay in and not hit the gym after work. I had killed it all week with my workouts and my shins were slightly sore from running, plus I had some extra curricular work piling up like manuscript edits and program proposals for spin, so I had dinner and worked all evening before tucking in with my latest read, “Eat Pray Love Made Me Do It.”

Saturday began with an 8 mile treadmill run and some good ol’ painful foam rolling. Once I finished up that and had lunch I made my way to a coffee shop to work on blog graphics and media for a few hours. My mom texted me while I was at the coffee shop and invited me for homemade pizza. I had received cancellations on two plans for my Saturday evening, so I headed to my parents to enjoy dinner with them and watch some hockey.

On Sunday I DOMINATED 45 minutes of legs – all the squats, lunges, glute pushbacks, and leg press you could ask for – then trotted on over to the treadmill where I ran for 30 minutes. I did intervals of 30s hard and 60s recovery for 20 of those minutes. It’s amazing how a simple interval tactic like that can make time on the treadmill go by a little faster. I showered up and then picked up two friends to head for a brunch date. We dined at Edmonton’s infamous High Level Diner. How brunch ready do I look, am I right?

I was asked to sub on a recreation sports league Sunday afternoon for a floor hockey game. HELL YEAH. I remember being somewhat uncoordinated playing floor hockey in gym class in high school but I also remember it being really fun. Neither on of those things had changed.

IT WAS SO FUN. I probably didn’t need to workout that morning because I got a solid workout running around playing for over an hour. It’s also nice to play a sport and have a blast and not even realize how sweaty and gross you are or how hard you’re working. I often forget that when I was a kid, even in my teens, “working out” wasn’t scheduled or prescribed, it was just what we did. I still have scars from playing tag or football or road hockey and we would get friends together every weekend for a game in soccer in whatever small town we lived it. It was just fun and that’s why we did it. I love this league because it reminds us, all of us hard-working adults, how fun playing sports with your friends is! I’m certainly looking forward to indoor soccer in two weeks with the league because that game is my jam.

I’m actually thinking about joining a recreation soccer league in the spring or summer in Edmonton. I think it would be a cool way to meet people and have fun. Plus, last night playing floor hockey made me miss my competitive side. I know, I know, I said I wanted to join “recreation league” but there’s always an edge of competitiveness.

Do you play any sports currently?

What was/is your favourite sport to play?

What did you get up to this weekend?


  1. Playing sports can be so much fun, you forget it’s working out. I’ve played rec league dodgeball, slo-pitch and basketball.
    Unfortunately I kind of got a bad taste after a while but mostly because of my team. They were always too competitive and would basically treat the girls on the team like posts who had to be there to meet their girl quota. I got so frustrated I gave up.

    1. Oh man! That’s terrible!! I have definitely been in situations like that and it’s so frustrating. I’m lucky that this team is actually probably over half girls and we have some really talented women and respectful men who notice and play their assets. 🙂

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