Don’t pay a bajillion dollars to workout while travelling.

I’m not going to lie, I was kind of worried about travelling for four days and not having any time or location to get some exercise in. I realize four days is nothing and not only would I not have lost any fitness but it is more important to focus on being in the moment with family than running on a treadmill. I JUST LOVE SWEAT. I was doing so well and had so much momentum in my fitness since the new year that I was concerned. Luckily, I entered Monday morning VERY sore with four days of amazing workouts under my belt. I was ready to pay some serious drop-in fees to workout at gyms while in a different city but there are some great ways to NOT do that and have some fun.

  1. Bring workout gear in your suitcase. My suitcase is always half workout clothes and running shoes but you can also throw in resistance bands, gliders, a yoga block, a ball to substitute foam rolling, or a jump rope. Super light gear that takes up very little room and can give you a great workout anywhere.
  2. Do free trial classes. Most places offer a “first class free” deal so check out the local studios in whatever cities you’re visiting to try new-to-you classes. It might be a great chance to try something that isn’t offered in your city… the only problem is if you fall in love with the class and have to go home after!
  3. Discount trial gym passes. I know a few gyms that offer discount weeks or two-week passes for cheap to new gym members. If you’re in one city for a week or two, you could sign up to a gym that close-by and not have to pay a ridiculous drop-in fee.

Blackout Fitness in Montreal, QC

4. Run outside! I didn’t choose this option for my -44C windchill getaway to Winnipeg but exploring a city can be done on the run! Head out for a morning jog, just making sure you don’t get too lost or you have access to GoogleMaps to get you out of a jam. I loved my morning runs along the Vancouver seawall and checking out the downtown trails of Chicago. Be safe!

5. Walk, walk, walk. Depending on the nature of your travel, there might be lots of opportunity for walking. Don’t underestimate the power of a 20,000 step day. Even if you don’t get in your desired heart-pounding sweat session, walking is exercise and will refresh your mind and body!

6. Youtube videos! Using some of all of the gear you brought in Tip#1, you could load up a YouTube video for a quick workout in your hotel room, B&B, dorm room, grandma’s guest bedroom, or wherever you are. At the very least I always know I can rely on the 8-minute abs video to do without any equipment and a tiny piece of floor space.

I ended up finding a great gym in the small town that my grandpa lives in… we had to text the owners to open the gym for us because typically it’s card access for residents. The drop in fee was pretty inexpensive and the equipment was unreal. I actually spent time doing workouts I’m not able to do in a crowded gym like deadlifts and bench, moves I haven’t done in a while… which might explain why I can’t move my body right now.

I would have to say, cruising around a city by foot has to be one of my favourite ways to explore. You really see more, whether walking or running, than you would driving.

What is your favourite way to workout on a budget while traveling?

Have you ever tried gyms in another city?

What was the weirdest workout class you’ve ever done?


  1. I used hardcover books as sliders this morning for my Tone It Up workout! HAHA
    I love me.

    Weirdest workout I’ve tried was Sh’bam. I was mortified during every second of it. Think 1980s step aerobics.

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