Goals for 2017.

Nothing like the clock striking midnight on December 31 to make you want to become a better person! I don’t think resolutions are a bad idea, sometimes they are lofty and unattained which gives them a bad rap, which means I prefer to call mine “goals.” Goals for me need to be something I really want, something I have been thinking about and either brainstorming, day dreaming, or planning for a while, and that seek to make me a better person. I like to think of these annual goals as opportunities to grow and learn. It’s important to me to dream big, do things that make you happy, and pursue excellence, in whatever ways you choose.

  • Learn to Garden. This has been on my mind for quite sometime and despite being the daughter of a Manitoba farm boy, I have no clue how to garden. I have been pretty vocal about this goal which means I received a few Christmas gifts to help get me started with indoor herb gardening. I have my dad and his friend making me a planter stand for my patio this spring, and I have the determination to hopefully not let this be a complete disaster.
  • Budget for travel. I am pretty organized when it comes to budgeting my money but I know I can do better, so I’m planning to deposit all of my spin instructor pay cheques into a travel fund. My spin pay cheques are kind of like little bonuses that I sometimes forget I earn. Normally I spend them as they come on various weekend adventures but I really want to focus my spending on quality trips in the summer and fall, which I plan to budget for.
  • Read 36 books this year. Last year I had a similar goal, though it was more vague, as I simply wanted to read more. In 2016 I read 33 books and I think I can do better so I’m going to surpass that with 36. It’s only 3 books a month so it is definitely attainable!

I’m going to keep it relatively simple with three major goals this year. I could list a few more that I will make a conscious effort to achieve but I couldn’t put tangible success outcomes in words so I’ll leave it at three. I want to get lots of fresh air, be outside more, camp and hike as much as I can, learn to bake bread instead of buying it, become a faster runner, value quality over quantity for my blog posts, eat less sugar, and more… I have a feeling 2017 is going to be a good year!


  1. Love how different all these goals are – touching on different aspects of life! Read more and budget for travel are some of mine too. This past year has really enforced how much I love travelling and would rather spend money on that… except maybe when it comes to buying more running clothes! Haha.

  2. Loving your new blog profile pic! HAT TWINS.
    Like you, I’m only interested in setting reasonable goals. I think one of the keys to crushing goals ultimately comes down to being true to yourself and not getting caught up in too many cases of “the shoulds”.

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