How did that happen & volleyball.

I had another great weekend at home, but my craving for mountain air and adventuring is getting stronger. It’s good I have a trip planned in the next two weeks to satisfy that craving! I enjoy weekends of running errands and taking it easy but somehow they seem to go by even faster than weekend trips! I was able to spend some time with friends… which started Friday night.

One of my good guy friends invited me for a drink after work on Friday with his group of friends. I had a few things I wanted to get done Friday night and a couple errands I was planning on running but it sounded like a good idea so I figured I’d stop in for a drink. I had already done a 6-mile run before work and was ready for a relaxing evening. I got to the bar around 5pm… and didn’t end up walking home until midnight.

They were a really fun group of about 8 people and we ended up talking and laughing for almost 7 hours! I really don’t know where to time went and I only had a couple of beers so it was just a really refreshing evening of fun people and great conversation. Everything from the Bachelor (which I have never watched aha) to US politics to the West Coast Trail. It was super nice. The next morning my guy friend said, “I hope you had fun with us last night… I gave one of my friends your number.

I replied, “You don’t say.

I went for a run Saturday morning OUTSIDE. It was a gorgeous morning so I slept in, had some breakfast, then laced up for 5 miles around my neighbourhood. It wasn’t the greatest run (perhaps my liquid dinner of Big Rock Traditional Ale had something to do with it) but I couldn’t believe how warm it was out. It felt good to be outside without 218 layers on!

In the afternoon I met a friend for coffee before heading to my parents’ place for fresh homemade pasta. I gave my brother a pasta maker for his birthday with the clause that I would benefit from it at some point. πŸ˜‰ He did all of the dirty work and I just unraveled the noodles to dry that he had rolled and cut. Teamwork.

We made the pasta and watched some hockey as the All Star skills competition was on. I added roasted peppers, mushrooms, basil infused olive oil and bocconcini to my pasta and it was incredible.

I went for a walk with a friend who lives next door to my parents after dinner. I miss living in that neighbourhood for all of the amazing people. Maybe I should put up posters in my apartment building, “Evening walking buddy wanted.” We don’t even have to talk but in various directions away from my building, walking alone isn’t always the most fun or safe. It was great to walk our old route and catch up while I was at my parents’!

On Sunday I set my alarm so I would have time to get in a good workout before brunch. I hit the gym for 60 minutes of legs, 30 minutes of stairmaster, and some treadmill hill walking and stretching. It was a killer workout and I was drenched in sweat, but it felt good. I did so many squats and lunges and glute kickbacks, my legs might be sore for a few days! The stairmaster is the devil of cardio but I love it. After a quick shower I met a friend at the Sugar Bowl for brunch. It was really good but I think I would rather go to High Level Diner for brunch and go back to Sugar Bowl for a drink or dinner.

Sunday afternoon I finally got around to my planned-Friday-after-work errands, laundry, grocery shopping, and volleyball! I haven’t played volleyball since like grade 9 gym and my skills have NOT improved since that time. I have terrible hand-eye coordination, hence why I play soccer, and it was somewhat of an embarrassing disaster but it was still super fun!

What did you get up to this weekend?

What is your usual weekend breakfast/brunch meal?

Do you ever make homemade pasta?


  1. LOL – that guys text to you. Who is this magical creature?
    Nights full of laughs + no sense of time are truly the best, aren’t they? I love getting together with my friend Ryan because we laugh so hard at everything & nothing that I end up peeing/in severe pain. This whole peeing things happens to me a lot, eh?

    I’ve never made pasta but it’s amazing. And why I never order pasta in restaurants unless it’s fresh – it’s truly life changing. My usual brunch food is something eggy – like an omelette with toast and fruit. I love doing brunch with Nick because he always gets something sweet – like pancakes and then I get to steal a few bites.

    I looked for your Mom last week – I’m sad I didn’t get the chance to see her! This comment is getting long. Nick just asked me if I’m writing an essay.

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