Run OUTSIDE and my first race registration?

Alberta has been hit with some spring-like weather and I’m not going to lie it’s been a wonderful reprieve from a solid month at a nearly -20C high every day. The streets are little slushy, and my car no longer looks red at all, but it was 7C yesterday afternoon and I walked home in a cardigan… HURRAH! I was craving a good run and packed my clothes and shoes for a lunchtime pavement sesh yesterday. I knew it would be warm and sunny and I just couldn’t pass it up. I may or may not have checked my meeting schedule too just to make sure I wouldn’t be sitting next to my Executive Director at 1pm still dripping sweat.

I couldn’t have asked for a better run. I knew I would run a minimum of 5K but I just wanted to keep going and going. I had to turn around at 2.5 miles in order to get back from lunch on time but man it felt like I could run forever.

I actually was able to wear SHORTS on my run. I get pretty warm while running, or walking for that matter, so I wore a long sleeve shirt, vest, and shorts. My legs haven’t seen the sunlight in four months so that was blinding. I’m sure it wouldn’t surprise you to know that my splits running away from work were much faster than when I had to turn around and run back to the office. 😉 The spring-like air was invigorating!

In a group of family friends, one friend suggested we sign a team up for the Foam Fest 5K in Leduc. I watched the promotional video and immediately responded “YES!” This looks super fun! I have never done a fun and messy race like that, the City Chase or Colour Run or Colour Me Rad or Spartan, so I’m stoked to partake. I highly suggest you sign up and join me! The Leduc Foam Fest 5K is on Canada Day and what better way to celebrate 150 years of this country that to get dirty and foamy and run… uh, right? That would make this my first race registration of 2017!

Jen made a great point when she was chatting last week about how treadmill runs just don’t give us the same invigorating energy that outdoor fresh air runs do. That definitely proved true yesterday when I felt like my lungs wanted to keep inhaling the fresh spring air that smells like mud and salt and delicious sweet summer sun warmth. I know, that’s a weird smell combination, but I couldn’t think of a better description. It is irreplaceable on the treadmill so it was nice to break out of the gym, even if just for 50 minutes, to enjoy a sunny spring run.

Don’t worry, I’m sure we’ll be back to -20C and icy sidewalks in no time. 😉

What and when is your next race? 

When was the last time you ran outside?


  1. So, you already know I’m a psycho who has been running outside all winter. But seriously…this weather! On Monday I had the BEST long run I’ve had in months, it felt so amazing. And I can’t help but giggle as I read your post and you mention the ‘Spring air’…because, it’s January. But I get it. We can pretend for a few days.

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