Thinking Out Loud Thursday #96!

This is my first full five-day work week after the Christmas holidays, can you believe that! I’m so lucky I was able to take that little winter trip to Winnipeg so it’s been over a month since I’ve worked a full 5-day week! It’s actually flying by and I’m excited it’s Thursday! Let’s join Amanda at Running with Spoons for a little Thinking Out Loud Thursday!

  • After writing yesterday’s blog post on Tuesday night, I drew a bath, read some of my latest book in the tub, then crawled into bed to keep reading before I passed out at 9:30pm. I slept all the way until 6:00am when my alarm went off and it was the most blissful, dead, out-cold sleep I’ve had in a while and it was so refreshing!

  • I loved THIS song at a couple of the BodyPump classes I took so I added it to last night’s spin playlist. I wish I could change it to say eat sleep spin repeat. It’s not the most beautiful or creative music, but it has a sick dance feel. It had such a good beat for a fun hill climb.

  • Jo and I have some serious library problems right now… you know when all of your books come in at the same time and you’re forced to do some power-reading. I put a bunch on hold because my last one took two months to become available but now I have some serious reading to do. I’m stoked!

  • I’m currently reading that top book, “Natural Born Heroes” by Christopher McDougall. He’s the guy who wrote Born to Run. Born to Run was the running phenomenon that made us all want to eat beans and maize and run hundreds of miles a week in sandals like the Tarahumara. Now McDougall is back with another crop of athletes, who are unsuspecting heroes of the fitness world. He explores the island of Crete and the historical residents that live their athletic pursuits, they don’t run on treadmills they run up mountains. They don’t do box jumps, they leap across rivers. It’s been a little tough to get into but so far it’s pretty interesting.

  • On Monday after arriving home late from Winnipeg I had almost no food in my house so I bought lunch at work. I went to Chopped Leaf to try and find a healthy option and went with one of their black bean and corn salads. Despite it being a salad, I am really craving homemade food and vegetables and micronutrients. It doesn’t take long for me to get tired of eating out!

  • I stumbled upon THIS list of Edmonton’s Best Independent Coffee Shops and I’m looking forward to try a few that are actually located pretty close to me! I love coffee, particularly a solid delicious dark roast, and I enjoy exploring my city and trying local coffee roasters and coffee shops. I think this is a good spring activity when it gets a touch warmer so I’m book-marking this list!

  • My dad sent me a tweet about a super cool group of women who get together monthly to talk about and drink none other than CRAFT BEER. Named #abbeergirls, Alberta Beer Girls is a women-only beer loving gang and I’m stoked to try and get to some of their events. Edmonton doesn’t have a ton of breweries but I still have toured ANY of them! Their next event in Edmonton is February 18 – anyone want to join me?!

I have a strong lust for adventure and activity this weekend but I also want calm and relaxation. I know my apartment needs some serious attention and my floor won’t clean themselves, so I’m aiming for a nice mix of both – adventure and relaxation.

What is your go-to when you are in a pickle and resort to buying lunch out?

What are YOU reading right now?

Did you read Born to Run? Have you read Natural Born Heroes?


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