Thinking Out Loud Thursday #97!

This is the “Connor McDavid” version of Thinking Out Loud Thursday with Amanda at Running with Spoons. Any hockey fans? No? I’ve seen Connor McDavid a few times now downtown and I feel so bad for him because while you’d expect a huge throng of girls to be following this young hockey stud it’s a huge group of dudes that want to be BFFs with him. Anyway, let’s jump in.

  • Random thought or fact to kick us off, I always listen to the afternoon drive show, OverDrive, of Toronto’s TSN 1050 radio when I’m at work in the afternoon because I love sports and the hosts are hilarious. I haven’t loved Edmonton’s sports radio so I listen to Toronto which means that although I’m not really a fan of any Toronto teams I know an inordinate amount about what’s happening in T-Dot.

  • My mom texted me yesterday in a panic that I hadn’t posted because it “threw off her morning routine.” She’s so cute. I told her that I was sticking to my resolution to make sure each post had the quality, thought, and heart that it deserved and considering I was home for maybe 90 minutes total all day on Tuesday, which includes the time getting ready for work and getting ready for bed, I just didn’t have it in me. I spent the day at an incredible but mentally draining meeting, quickly went to my gym and ran 5K then headed to a seminar in the evening.

  • I’m really glad I signed up for the seminar, which was offered to U of A alumni and guests! Not to get too nerdy, but it was about Indigenous health practitioners and the speaker was SO GOOD. He told personal stories about his maternal grandma surviving residential schools and his mother surviving abusive foster care after being taken from her home in the 60s scoop, which made his work very emotional and real and super neat. This is Dr. Jarvis Swidrovich and if you get a chance to meet him, do it.

  • I really which I could hate the Chainsmokers because they’re very Top 40 and know how to put out songs that people can dance to and will easily climb the charts but they’re just SO catchy. I can’t get “Paris” out of my head.

  • I need your advice – ski hills around Canmore – Nakiska, Mt. Norquay, Sunshine, or Lake Louise – are there any recommendations for which one(s) to go to? My friend and I are going to be spending two or three days on the hills but want to know which are the best in the area or if we should divide and conquer different mountains each day? I’m just really excited to look like a child and snowplow my entire way down the mountain.

  • I invited myself over to my parents’ house on the weekend so that my brother can make me fresh pasta for dinner. My parents are actually out of town as my mom is at a conference and my dad is tagging along with her (it’s their 28th anniversary in two days guys, how crazy is that, be sure to wish them a Happy Anniversary. 😉 ). The conversation with my brother went like this:

Me: What are you doing this weekend?

Him: Not sure, nothing really yet.

Me: Let’s have dinner saturday. We could make it. 

Him: Sure. 

Me: We can decide what to have later. 


Me: So when I say “we” I mean, uh, “you.” 

Him: Fine.

  • My friend and I were talking about dating and work crushes and it got into a pretty funny conversation about things we’ve done to run into and flirt with work crushes. How long is socially acceptable to hang around the elevators hoping to run into someone? How many committees have you joined purely based on a guy being there? How many times have you done an unnecessary walk around work to see him?

I am really excited for the weekend as I’ll be seeing a few friends I haven’t seen in a while and duh, the fresh pasta dinner. This week has flown by at work just due to pure busyness but I find I thrive on those situations and love to see my calendar full (and colour-coded). On slow days where I’m at my desk a lot I go insane and get tired of looking at a screen!

What song is stuck in your head?

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done to try and run into a crush?


  1. Sounds like you have an awesome mom. My mother reads my blog too and sometimes she’ll call me at night and remind me I didn’t post anything that day. Haha. She’s always been my biggest fan.
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Song stuck in head: California Medication by USS

    I had to comment today– have been reading your blog for awhile (before I moved to AB from BC), but today was the day that for whatever reason I realized that I think we work for the same (very large) employer lol. Definitely in different ministries, but still kind of neat 🙂 and hopefully not creeping you out!

    Love your blog, you inspire me with my own running goals!

  3. Ok, well my husband listens to Overdrive all the time as well, and even catches the last hour of it on TV sometimes, which means I listen to and/or watch it half of the time! I must note that he is also a Leafs fan though – I know, how do I know this and still love him, LOL! Have a fun weekend, Kris!

    1. Hahaha I feel like that’s acceptable. One of the guys at my work went to an Oilers event and was like, “I think it’s just awkward at this point, like these kids are 19 and I could be their dad.”

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