Tuesday Tunes: Kicking off 2017.

Yesterday was my first spin class of 2017. It’s hard to fit all of the songs and energy and fun into a one-hour class and I get so excited to teach, especially for a fresh session. I actually have a SOLD OUT class this session which is awesome! I found some great new songs to give our first class the energy it needed, so here is a look at what I’m running, walking, cycling, and naked dancing to lately.

I know, some of these songs are “old” in the music world but they’re just too good not to include. I spent a lot of time over the holidays working on finding songs that have a definite and steady beat to do some spin drills to and I’m really excited to test them out.

I did a big 2017 goal post HERE, but if you’ve read my blog for a while you know I like monthly goals too. January is already a third over, but I figured I’d share anyway… it not only keeps me accountable but I’m an inherent over-sharer.

  1. Run at least 100km this month. I’m off to a good start with 49.6km in the first nine days, but with this bitter cold and a busy month it’ll take commitment to get them all in!
  2. Drink at least 500ml of water with my coffee every morning. Sometimes I’ll have a couple of cups of coffee before I even drink a sip of water and that leaves me lightheaded and thirsty. The rest of the day I drink upwards of 3L typically. I just need to spread it out more!
  3. Enjoy the winter weekends with people I love. I don’t have any trips to the mountains planned this month (GASP) so I’m going to utilize them the best I can by spending time with people I love and filling my soul that way!

What is your current favourite workout song?

Do you get into a different genre of music in the winter?

What are your January goals?


  1. I just downloaded Castle on the Hill and have been listening to it lots! Sweet Nothing is a staple on my run playlist. Checking out those other ones!

    My January goal: kick this running injury once and for all and get back on the road. I’ve been spinning a lot lately instead though and that has been fun!

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