Weekend recap: surprise trip to Winnipeg.

I think I am heading into this week more exhausted than ever but only because of an incredible reason – I surprised relatives and flew to Winnipeg, Manitoba for my grandpa’s 82nd birthday. I told a few people like my aunt and cousin about a month ago so that we were able to arrange a few family gatherings so I could see everyone, but for most people, it was a surprise!

A bit of background… Almost all of my extended family lives in Manitoba and I grew up road tripping there in the summers. A couple of people asked if it were a “big birthday” like 80 or 90 but I think any birthday after 75 is a big birthday! My grandpa lives in a small town just outside of Winnipeg and on Thursday I flew to MB with my dad and aunt (although all on separate flights) and surprised him. I think he was shocked and happy, though it meant he had to rearrange his hectic retirement social calendar. I’m serious, this guy has more social plans in one week than I have in two months.

I spent Thursday to Saturday hanging out with my grandpa, dad, aunt, and the entire group of my grandpa’s friends. We had a family birthday dinner on Friday where I tried some local beer, “Farmery” from Neepawa, MB, and my grandpa’s favourite – raisin pie! I offered to bake him a cake for his birthday but he quickly suggested a pie that his neighbour had made for him and frozen. Man, way to blow my baking ego…

My dad and I found the local small town gym and headed out of the -44C windchill to hit up a gym workout on both Friday and Saturday. It was small but quiet and and tons of really quality equipment so we made the most of it and got some killer workouts in. Based on the big family dinners and dessert I had this weekend, the workouts were a nice way to get moving and sweat a bit while on vacation! On Saturday we headed into Winnipeg to watch my younger cousin’s basketball game and so I could go to a birthday dinner for my cousin, Mackenzie, who is just two months older than me! We had vietnamese food then went to her adorable apartment for dessert and a drink.

I spent the night at my aunt’s before heading to the aforementioned cousins barre class. She is a yoga and barre teacher and I was super excited to take her class. It was TOUGH. We had a good 60 minute sweaty yoga/barre class then my aunt and I headed to my aunt’s gym for an extra workout. We met up with my grandma and other aunt for brunch and it was so nice to see all of my relatives one more time before heading home. My dad and I were taking the scenic route across the prairies and had a layover in Calgary on our way home to Edmonton so last night was a long evening of travel but so incredibly worth it.

I knew workouts might get tight and I wanted to prioritize family over solo exercise but I actually got more exercise this weekend than I did all week. It was great, although now I’m really sore – THANKS MACKENZIE… I CAN’T MOVE MY ARMS. I am really glad I made the trip and I know that I sure appreciated my family being able to drop their busy schedules to come to lunch or grab a coffee. I’m tired and ready for another weekend already but my heart is full with some family love!


    1. No way!! I enjoyed it too! I had the orange can and I can’t remember which one it was but I want to try the other ones now! Do they sell it in AB?

  1. Aw, what a great weekend! Your g-pa is so cute! Raisin pie instead of your homemade cake??? Precious!! I think I like pie more than cake too. It makes my insides feel warm and happy.

    I really want to try hot barre!!! Madison teaches in Calgary – come down so we can take one of her classes.

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