#YEG CYCLE class review!

Just before the holidays, so about a month ago (oops!) I attended my first YEG Cycle class with my mom and some mutual friends. I have heard amazing things about this studio – that teaches exclusively cycling classes – and have really wanted to try the dance party club vibes that it seemed to offer. As an indoor cycling instructor, I probably go into these classes with a bit of a bias, so I was trying to go in fresh and just experience the class as it happened.

YEG Cycle is one of Edmonton’s independent spin studios that is located on Whyte Ave, just across the High Level Bridge, near 106th street. It definitely has a niche market of fitness enthusiasts and you get pretty strong lulu-clad, snapbacks, swell water bottles, and “glisten not sweat” kind of vibe when you go in. I’m not going to lie, it’s pretty intimidating. I think it would be a really cool place to work because everyone seems to know each other and the staff seemed to get along really well but I have to admit it didn’t feel super friendly and if I were new to fitness, it might not help me ease it! Nevertheless, it’s a GORGEOUS studio with lockers (create and enter a code – no locks), towels, spin shoes, and a “just bring you and your water bottle” entry requirement. When you come in you can write your name on a seating chart for the classroom so that you can sit with your friends on the bikes. We grabbed some spots in the back and set up the bikes. The motivator, as they’re called, was really friendly – she made sure everyone was set up correctly and an questions people had were answered. You also grab light hand weights to have near your bike for an arms track during class.

The room itself is REALLY cool. I’m super jealous of the instructors that get to teach here because it has such neat make-you-want-to-dance vibes. The lights on the ceiling can be any colour and the patterns of lights move along with the beat of the music. It was super dark besides the overhead strings of lights and sometimes I felt it was a little too dark and disorienting but it also allowed you to just get in the zone and do your own thing, sweating and working as hard as possible with no one seeing it! There are no screens on the bike, just a knob for tension, so it’s pretty relative and hard to gauge resistance and power but I still had an amazing workout just going by feel.

As far as the class itself, it was definitely really fun to dance and spin along to great music and an upbeat motivator – I loved when she played some Eminem. The spin instructor in me had a few critical opinions based on my desire to teach for optimum cycling efficiency and truly effective riding techniques based on cadence and power, but as for a fun group fitness class – it didn’t let me down. There was a lot of up and down, standing to seated on the bike, and a ton of intervals. I loved that the motivator told everyone to high five the people around them and she was really vocal and encouraging. It was a super fun atmosphere and I got a killer sweaty workout.

The studio does some really cool classes like “team teach” which is two motivators teaching and usually playing some sort of music battle, and awesome charity classes that are only $10 each and all proceeds go to their selected charity that changes each month. It’s a bit pricey, so if you’re looking for a low cost fitness option, this is not it, but if you’re looking to invest in a fun fitness group atmosphere where you’re almost guaranteed a good workout and you enjoy the neat vibes and fun exercising, it is perfect. I had a really fun time and while there were a couple things that made me go “hm” *insert thinking emoji dude*, I was so happy I tried it.

There is actually a second YEG Cycle studio coming to downtown Edmonton so I will likely try that one out soon after it opens too. I didn’t get a chance to submit an motivator application video, but maybe they’ll realize they need more motivators and I’ll be able to teach there! Happy Fitness Friday everyone, have an amazing weekend!

What is the coolest fitness studio you’ve tried?

Have you ever tried YEG Cycle (or the equivalents in other places, YYC Cycle, etc)?

What are you up to this weekend?


    1. Totally, I also think it totally depends on who’s working. Some people are great and other just assume you know where to go and what to do and focus on their friends and people they know. 🙂

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