Fitness Friday: not feeling it this week.

Well, it’s official, I lost my New Years fitness momentum. I was riding high all the way into my ski vacation but these last few days have been super lazy. I think it was a combination of a few things: exhaustion after a weekend outside in the mountains, a bit of a cold and ear infection, and just my body needing a break. I took the opportunity to let my body have the rest it deserved, especially the sleep I needed to kick this cold and I am feeling the upswing of motivation coming this weekend.

I certainly got my 10,000+ steps in every day this week, between walking to and from work and coffee strolls at lunch, I was active throughout the day. I actually improved my “hours active per day” this week by getting at least 250 steps every hour, about 12 hours a day. It’s interesting that when I don’t get up early for the gym or run after work, I find myself more motivated to stay active and moving more during the work day.

I taught my Monday and Wednesday spin classes this week, but took Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday off from exercise. Thursday was a bonus “off” day because I totally could have worked out as my cough and sore throat have almost gone, but my dad and I had a dinner date planned and I definitely wasn’t bailing on that for the gym. It felt good to not be sore all week and it gave me the rest I needed to be ready to kill it this weekend. I also finished a family size bag of popcorn and two books this week so I still feel accomplished.

I can’t wait to get back to strength training after this week of rest to be honest… I haven’t felt very motivated to run lately but I am craving weights now. I want all the squats and deadlifts. This weekend I have a workout date with a couple of friends, doing both leg day and a stair workout. I’m not going to lie… I’m nervous for this one. LEGS AND STAIRS.

Before the temperature dips back down in Edmonton, I hope I can get a quick run outside this weekend! I conveniently got sick right when prime running temperatures hit this week but don’t worry, spring is on the way and I’m sure they’ll be back in no time! This post is random, but I just wanted to say, this week sucked for workouts but my body needed it and I’m excited to jump back in now.

What are your workout plans this weekend?

Do you keep track of how active you are throughout the day?

What are you doing for Family Day?