Goal so hard: March.

Oh boy. Well, I hate to admit it, but this wasn’t the best month for achieving my goals. My running motivation took a quick plummet just before my ski trip in mid-February and is just now recovering. I planned to run at least 125km and that did not happen. I should have made some more serious strength goals because that was where my heart was this month. I wanted ALL the weights and lifting, and none of the running.

I took time to let my body decide what it wanted to do at the gym and I certainly got back into strength training with that mentality. I did a few runs each week, probably about 2-3 but my heart wasn’t in it for most of them. I taught an extra three spin classes this month which kept my cardio an almost-daily thing, but I feel myself swinging back into an “I love running” phase! I did complete my push-up goal, minus a couple of days I was on my ski trip and it completely slipped my mind.

Oh, man, that goal recap was rough. Bring on March.

Okay, so March is one of my favourite months because it’s my birthday month AND the first day of spring (I apologize in advance for mentioning this 3157 times) so I am 110% committed to making not only this month great, but my goals this month will be accomplished no matter what. I have two goals: stairs and no added sugar.

Stair goal: I work on the 19th floor of my building. I take the elevator every day. March spans 5 work weeks, and so this week I’m starting by taking the stairs to my office once this week. Next week, I’ll do it twice. By the last week, I will take the stairs all five days of the week. Will I be sweaty? Yes. Will I have to probably leave earlier to do it? Yes. This should be, uh, interesting.

No added sugar goal: My mom and I have done these challenges before, and it’s really a “less processed food” challenge. I enjoy this challenge because I get more creative with making meals when I have to be aware of the products I’m incorporating into my diet. It’s challenging because so many of our grocery store products have added sugar, but it’s a total awareness challenge that makes me feel so much better when I complete it. I am letting you know that I anticipate making it to March 29. March 30 is my birthday and my brother is the most amazing baker ever, so much so that I’m already thinking about what incredible dessert we’ll be enjoying that day.

What are your March goals?

How did you do with any February goals?

Have you ever tried a no-added-sugar diet?


  1. March Goals…. love it as this year lent starts on March 1. I’m not religious but nine years ago a friend of mine challenged me to give up something for lent (all 8 days). I gave up junk food and I will continue to do so this year. I am stoked. It sucks that because I’m a teacher lent always happens through spring break as well (that is why I don’t give up alcohol for lent – that’s just unrealistic and sad) So this year, once again it’s all junk food. Challenge – 12000 steps a day and three days a week of strength training. I’m a cardio junkie so this one is harder for me! Jo, I loved your comment. Kris is fun!

  2. I told Nick about your stair goal and he asked if you’re going to be there this weekend. He’s unsure if he wants to come for drinks with us. When I told him yes, he got really excited and said, “OH GOOD! She’s fun!”

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