I have an obsession with ‘leg day.’

Good morning beautiful people! I hope you had a fantastic weekend! I spent most of it just trying to stay warm. I think on Saturday I literally drank a total of 2L of tea. I just had to keep sipping it to stay warm because every time I would leave my apartment I would get cold and have to warm back up again when I got home!

Friday evening was pretty quiet for me. I stopped at the grocery store to pick up a few ingredients to make soup and wound up deciding to make a delicious veggie vermicelli bowl. I had some crispy tofu on the side for some added protein. The tofu sucked actually so I won’t be buying that kind again from my grocery store! I spent the evening working on a paper (leftover from my Masters work) and enjoying my peaceful, candlelit apartment.

Saturday I made my way to the gym in the morning to get in a killer workout. I had taken Friday off of exercise (but still managed to get over 13,000 steps, what?!) and was rested and ready for some sweat and hard work. I did an upper body, majorly shoulders, chest, and back workout. I’m trying really hard to not do a ton of isolated work, and focusing on exercising natural body movements. I absolutely love doing “heavier” moves like chest press and deadlifts because I activate so many muscles. Once I finished doing some deadlifts, I did standing military press, which burns my shoulders so good. I just had to clarify that I was doing shoulder press here when you noticed the 5lb plates on the bar, ha!

I did an hour of weights then hopped on the treadmill. I knew if I just did a steady state run, I wouldn’t last long, so I decided to do treadmill hills. I switched my speed and incline up quiet often, but stuck around 9:15-9:57 min/mile. Not my fastest run, but that minute at 5% incline feels like forever! Here is my 45-minute workout.

The rest of my Saturday was spent at brunch with friends, doing laundry, and then a nice evening having drinks with a friend. I worked a bit more on my paper but that quickly turned into 30 minutes of work and 3 hours of watching chick flicks on TV and eating popcorn. It was cold, I had no plans, it was the most guilt-free laziness I’ve had in a while!

Sunday morning I headed to my spin gym early so that I could get a weights workout in before I taught spin class. As you’re reading this, I’m probably hobbling to work on legs that are still jello-ish. I did a hour of LEGS before spin class. I have a sick obsession with leg day, I absolutely love it. I did a slightly modified version of last weekend’s leg workout, but I didn’t have my trusty gal pals by my side. I added curtsy lunges and increased my leg press weight, plus dropped some of the core work. LAWDY, MY LEGS BURNED.

Let me know what you think of these info-graphic type workout recaps. I sometimes like them from other people because I can screen shot it or send it to myself for easy reference at the gym when I need workout inspiration or ideas, but I really don’t know how others feel about them! After my hour of legs I headed over to teach an hour spin class. Once I got into in my legs were fine but as soon as we stopped cycling I knew I was done! My favourite view, the anticipation before a spin class. I still get excited for every. single. class. There’s something about seeing people achieve a killer workout and push themselves that makes me soar.

If you can believe it, tomorrow is the last day of February and thus my February goal recap and March goals will be on the blog tomorrow! March is one of my favourite months (it may or may not be my birthday month) so I always feel a renewed sense of commitment to my goals during this month.

What did you get up to this weekend?

How were your weekend workouts? Did you get to run outside?


  1. I’ve been so COLD the past few days too! We’re currently experiencing bone chilling ice winds and I’ve been dousing my food with hot sauce and spices to warm me up from the inside out!

    I really like leg moves too. It’s probably because it’s my only body part that seems to handle heavy weights/endurance really well. It’s the ‘easiest’ part of strength training for me. Whenever people say they hate leg day I’m like, WHAT?! BUT WHY. Chest/tri’s are my nemesis though.

  2. I got to run in Phoenix this weekend…2L of tea not required. haha. In face I’m going to go run outside again right now πŸ˜‰
    The infographics look great – I like them!

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